Leaf Lettuce Salad

Recipe by Tom Collins
READY IN: 20mins




  • Put the Mayonnaise, Vinegar and Sugar into a bowl and stir until mixed --
  • Place in the refrigerator to allow the ingredients to blend and to allow time for the sugar to dissolve --
  • Remove the individual leaves from the main plant -- Do not cut, pull them apart --
  • Rinse each leaf under cold water and shake excess water off the leaves --
  • Remove the tender portion of the leaf from the stalk and discard the stalk --
  • 'Tear' leaves into whatever size you think will fit into your mouth --
  • This is enough dressing for about half a large bunch of lettuce -- Remaining lettuce can be stored in the refrigerater, covered, for use tomorrow --
  • Start by tossing a third or so of the lettuce with the dressing and add lettuce until the lettuce is coated well with the dressing -- (you don't want a pool of sauce in the bottom of the bowl but you want the lettuce well coated) --
  • This is best if the lettuce is mixed with the dressing just prior to eating -- The flavor won't change but the lettuce tends to get soggy after about an hour after mixed with the dressing -- .