Killer Sangria

"There are many, many recipes for Sangria to choose from, depending on what you like in your glass. My husband has been making this one for years, in fact we served it at our wedding reception! As for the name- well, if you don't watch how much of this you drink, you'll understand the name the next morning. Don't use high end wine or brandy for this, any subtle flavors will be lost. Cook time is resting time in the fridge."
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Ready In:
72hrs 5mins


  • 1 (750 ml) bottle red wine
  • 12 cup triple sec
  • 1 cup brandy
  • 1 (12 ounce) can frozen juice concentrate, thawed (we like Hawaii's Own brand- orange mango flavor)
  • 1 cup berries, frozen (I like strawberries and blueberries)


  • In a pitcher, combine all ingredients except for the fruit.
  • Refrigerate, stirring once a day for three days.
  • On the third day, taste the Sangria. If it seems too sweet, add more brandy. If it seems too tart, add a little triple-sec.
  • To serve, pour into wine glasses, and add a bit of frozen fruit to each glass.

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  1. Good but strong. I think I know why it's called killer, I got a headache half way through the drink. LOL I think it was the wine, I really don't care for wine that much.
  2. Killer Sangria, heh? Whatever doesn't kill me just makes me stronger, right? Oh, but the added pressure. Made for PRMR.
  3. I thought that this was good sangria. I can see where it gets the name "killer." It's pretty strong, but good. It is thicker than what I am usually used to, owing to the frozen juice concentrate (I used orange mango as suggested). I followed all ingredients and directions as posted and stirred once a day for three days. I used a very cheap cabernet sauvignon and used a frozen strawberry, blueberry, raspberry mix (which I never would have thought to use before---thanks!). While I enjoyed this sangria, I did not enjoy it more than my tried and true recipe (also found on Zaar) that only takes a few hours. I'll be enjoying this for a few more days as I was careful to limit myself per your instructions. Thanks! Made for ZWT5.
  4. OMG, this sangria is fantastic! I admit, I only used 1/2c brandy - that seemed to be the perfect amount for me because I didn't have to tweak it at all. I also didn't wait for three days (waited about 8 hours)... maybe it would have tasted even better, maybe there will be leftovers and I can sample some more tomorrow! I used frozen blackberries (and one sliced lime to complement the triple sec) and I added them right away since we were planning to drink this on the same day and the berries were luscious! I'd probably add a few more next time because they were so good. This worked well with a red grape and apple table wine. Made for ZWT5.
  5. Very flavorful, I'm on my 2nd glass, and about to eat the fruit -- which I have been warned will put me out. It was a very pleasant way to go, although this required more patience (to wait 3 days) than I normally have. This will be a lot easier when I get an extra refrigerator just for party-planning. Thanks for sharing your version, Ingrid. Made for ZWT5 for the Bodacious Brickhouse Babes.


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