A liquor distilled from wine or other fruit juice, and aged in wood. Cognac and Armagnac are the two finest brandies.

Armagnac comes from Gascony, south of Bordeaux. It is traditionally distilled once, unlike Cognac which is distilled twice. Armagnacs are aged 20-40 years in black oak. The black oak provides the dry smooth flavor and warm amber color associated with Armagnac.

Pisco: Peruvian pisco is a grape brandy or aguardiente, produced in a distilling process that created as transparent or slightly yellowish brandy. It is the Peruvian national drink and is as uniquely associated with Peru as Tequila is to Mexico. It was first made in the town of Pisco, Peru. It has been argued that Pisco originated in Chile. This dispute was taken to an international court, and it was determined that authentic Pisco is Peruvian.


available year-round


equal amounts of unsweetened orange or apple juice + 1 tsp vanilla extract or flavor that corresponds to the type of brandy = 1/4 cup or more of brandy

Popular Brandy Recipes