Jelly Roll

"A light dessert and soooo easy! * I have also tried sifting confectionery sugar on a dry tea towel( not terry cloth) and turning the cake out on that. (Remove waxed paper carefully. Then try to roll the cake (on the long side) with the cloth as a buffer between each turn/layer. Let it rest for a minute or two then unroll and and let rest for a bit before you spread with jelly/jam . Re-roll. This seems to help keep the roll from tearing so easily."
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Ready In:
1 jellyroll




  • Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Spray a 11 x15 baking/jellyroll pan with a light spritz of Pam.
  • Fit with waxed paper and spray with cooking Pam again.
  • Whip eggs, sugar, vanilla and water until light.
  • Mix in dry ingredients.
  • Pour thin batter unto sheet.
  • Bake until sponge is golden and springs to the touch.
  • Turn out on cloth wrung in cold water.
  • Remove waxed paper.
  • Spread with jam/jelly.
  • Using the cloth as an aid, roll up the cake into a roll and trim the ends.
  • Place on platter.
  • Sprinkle with confectioner sugar.
  • Serve warm or cold. Enjoy! =).

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  1. I just finished making this, it couldn't be easier! After the cake came out of the oven, I rolled it with the towel and let it cool. Once it cooled I unrolled it and spread strawberry jelly and pecan-cream cheese icing (I spread them in strips along the cake), then re-rolled it. I am taking this to a dinner I at someone else's home tonight. Thanks!
  2. A GREAT Recipe.Thanks for sharing.You didn;t stipulate a baking time(I found it took only 12 Minutes)..Rolled really well didn;t crack.This is going to be saved into my favorites! thanks again
  3. I just bought a jelly roll pan and this was my first attempt at making a jelly roll. I'm glad to say that it was successful! The cake was quick and easy to make. The recipe didn't say how much jelly to use, so I guessed and used 1/2 a cup of grape jelly. My only difficulty was in rolling it up... the cake cracked in several places. However, it turned out fine and all the slices except the ones at the ends looked great. Tasted good, too. I couldn't believe there was no fat except from the eggs! I should also add that I got 10 slices out of this, rather than 8.
  4. Perfect, easy recipe. Exactly like my mom used to make. I updated it for the holidays and used cranberry sauce (puréed) and cream cheese icing instead of jelly. My latest masterpiece. Delicious!
  5. I bake a lot, and it's always a huge disappointment when a recipe turns out wrong. I followed this exactly, and beat the eggs for well over 5 minutes on high. This turned out flat as a pancake.


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  2. Beat the eggs until VERY light, bake for exactly 10 minutes, turn out onto dry tea towel covered in confectionery sugar, spread with raspberry jam mixed with rum to make it spreadable.
  3. Oven temperature dropped to 325.
  4. Perfect jelly roll cake recipe! I didn't fill mine with jelly, though. I had an idea in my head for a Christmasy dessert - I used this lovely, light spongey cake and filled it with dream whip (with a dash of green food colouring and peppermint extract in place of the vanilla) & also "iced" it with the minty cream filling. This was very easy to prepare and easy to work with.
  5. I made this using a 17 X 11 inch pan and cooked it 9 min., then filled it with lemon pudding. I used lemon extract instead of vanilla and the results were very good. Easy to do, sprinkled the towel with powdered sugar and rolled. Unrolled, filled and rolled again. Makes a lot, I would say maybe 12 servings.


Zaar...Wow, what a place! I'm one of the old timers of Zaar. I can't count the number of wonderful dishes I cooked in the past few years since joining. Along the way I have had the pleasure of meeting several Zaar chefs. Talk about your fruits and nuts! lol. I have enjoyed meeting them all. Family: What's to say...I have had the same sweet husband forever (Good thing....I'd hate to have to break a new one in...=) and live close to a couple of grown children. (Maybe you've met Smoke Alarm Jr. ..her brown rolls are sooo good!) Therefore, my family gets together often to enjoy each other's company and cooking. My greatest joy is six "little to tallerthanme" kids running around calling me Grammy. They wear me out! lol For the past thirty years I have been a Special Education teacher for grades 9-12 and love it. Took some time off last year to recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. (Loved the radiation....I keep imagining that we are absolutely napalming the nasty cancer cells tohellandback to keep the little suckers from returning. =) My prognosis is good and now "I'm back in the saddle again". lol. Being a north country "gurl", I am happiest outside...walking, fishing, sitting in front of an outdoor fire or being on water (although in February it's a bit stiff....=0) When indoors I like to read, garden, knit, quilt and paint. During cold Maine weather I like to warm my feet on a very large ( 100 pounds of long legs and huge feet), sweet and furry golden retriever named Kerry (aka KTBRD: Kerry the big red . In the summer, the dawg and I round up the grandkids, hit the local dairy bar for a Mounds Sundae that is to die for!!!=0) . Then spend a lot of long and lazy summer days at camp . All in all...Boy, Life is good! =)
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