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Top 100 Recipes for Kids

When it comes to kiddos, eating is the last thing on their mind. With these recipes, it's all they'll be thinking about! With sweet treats, easy dinners and tasty afternoon snacks, there's little something for everyone!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Puffs

“Very easy and yummy! Just be sure to seal the edges or you’ll have major leaks. I only had to bake mine for about ten minutes and they were done. Super good with a big glass of cold milk!”


Crumb-Topped Banana Muffins

"These were so good. The topping was perfect and the muffins were so tasty. I’ll be making these again!”


Nachos in a Cup

“This is so good. My son really liked this. We ate it without the sour cream!”


Colorful Fruit Kabobs

"A simple recipe for cute fruit skewers. It's great because you can really use whatever fruit is in season!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Green Eggs & Ham

“I made these to go with some other appetizers I was making for company last night. A great addition to my table! Loved them.”


PB&J Shaped Cookies

"These were so good! Pressing two chopsticks on each side of the dough makes it easy to shape it into sandwich bread. So fun to make and they were delicious!"


Mother Goose Popcorn

“These were much sweeter than anticipated, and not as crunchy as an actual candy recipe. They’re very quick to make, coats evenly and the kids love it.”

-Anna M.

Club Wrap

“I don't make a pretty wrap, but I make a good one! This is excellent. I used American cheese and whole wheat tortilla. I'll make this one again!”


Berry Banana Smoothies

"One of the best and easiest smoothie recipes that always works. Plus, berry season is right around the corner. I can’t wait to make it with local berries!"


Best Ever Spaghetti & Meatballs

“A classic Italian-American dish that can be as simple or fancy as you want it to be.”


Classic Madeleines

“We served these with chocolate ganache and caramel sauce for dipping. Makes it a serious dessert!”


PB&J Oatmeal

“It tastes like I’m having PB&J for breakfast! I usually have mine with brown sugar and raisons but this makes a nice change that I will be making for breakfast!"


Pizza Scrolls

“These are really good! I baked them at 375 for 18 minutes and they came out perfect. My daughter loved them!”


Yogurt Fruit Bars

“My girls and I really like this for a great on-the-go breakfast. It's not too sweet, and it’s full of healthy stuff. I'll be making these a lot!”


Portobello Pizzas

“A very easy recipe. My husband ate one, and very quickly devoured the other one. He can't wait for me to make more!”


Lunch Box Muffins

“These are great muffins for breakfast or for lunch. I love the heartiness of them, and that they’re packed with fiber.”


Cheesy Taco Pockets

“These were great! I didn’t have any puff pastry, so I used wonton wrappers and deep fried them. I’ll make these for the grandkids for sure!”


PB&J Waffles

“These peanut butter waffles are topped with warm strawberry jelly to give them a PB&J sandwich flavor that can’t be beat.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Angry Birds Bento Box

“An idea struck me when it was my son’s lunch box day on Fridays. I decided to make him an Angry Birds lunch box! It was my hubby who was more impressed!”


The Original Rice Krispies Treats Squares

“This worked perfectly! Everyone loved them. I sprayed the baking sheet with cooking spray, which helped them come out easier!”


Strawberry Bruschetta

“Yummy! I used the honey-nut cream cheese. It was pretty, spring-like and delicious!”

-Kara Lynn


“The perfect breakfast for a chilly Fall morning. The cooking time was spot-on. I did add a pinch of salt and a 1/4 cup raisins while cooking. A nice, creamy porridge!”

-Lucky in Bayview

Lemon Kale Chips

“Crispy, with a lemony taste! A perfect treat. I do recommend that the 12 minute mark really does make it perfectly crispy.”


Lunch Box Fun-Due

"Wonderful! This is such a great idea. My daughter isn't a big sandwich fan, so this was right up her alley!”


Go-Fish Snack

"After saving this recipe years ago, I finally made it for my youngest. She loved it! She had so much fun fishing!"

-Soup Lady


Crunchy cookies dipped in sweet icing laced with sprinkles—what's not to love about this childhood classic? Create your own using cake mix, yogurt and cool whip!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Panini

“This recipe is simplicity in itself, and delicious because of the heat. The panini maker puts beautiful grill lines on the bread and melts the peanut butter and jelly on the inside. Try it, you and your kids will love it.”


Pizza Roll-Ups

"These are the most amazing treats ever. I could’ve easily eaten them all!"


Jelly Roll

“This recipe is so good! I made and it turned out very professional-looking.”

-ena c.

Chorizo & Egg Burritos

“One of my favorite breakfast meals! I grew up eating this. We always used a dozen eggs when making it.”


English Muffin French Toast

“I wanted French toast but only had English muffins. I searched and found this! It came out amazing. It tastes like five-star carnival food!”

-Vahnessa F.

Banana Nutella Delight

“Awesome! I used the crackers that I had on hand. What a great way to get fruit and dessert in at the same time!”


Easy Bake Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

“My 3 and 6 year-olds love making this recipe! I added m&m's. It worked great!”


Sausage Breakfast Cookies

“These were quick, and they made a good size batch! Something different for breakfast. Yummy flavor!”


Cereal Milk Donuts

A nostalgic favorite with the sugary cereals we all grew up loving to eat! Delicious, fluffy donuts coated with a cereal milk glaze to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Cheesy Mini Burgers

“Cute and absolutely delicious! The blend of flavors within the burgers were fabulous. I topped some with sliced provolone and others with cheddar cheese. A huge hit with the whole family!”


American Girl Colorful Cake

“This turned out very pretty! Such a cute idea.”


Easy Pizza Soup

"Wow, my husband loved this! I needed a soup to go with his hoagie sandwich tonight and this was fast, easy and so delicious.”


Fruity Pebbles Treats

“A nice, simple and easy recipe. The treats turned out amazing in both the rice krispie and fruity pebble formats. A big hit!"

-Travis H.

Easy Pizza Muffins

“I made these this morning with pepperoni and pepper jack cheese. They were great, I’ll make them again!”

-JackieRay M.

Original Praline Bacon Recipe

"So amazing! I couldn't find cane syrup, so I used light corn syrup instead and it worked fine. I would suggest spraying the rack with cooking spray because I found that the bacon stuck a little."


Tater Tot Cups With Cheese & Eggs

“Tater tots in a muffin pan with eggs, baked in the oven. A great breakfast for kids. Quick, easy and not messy!”

-Montana Heart Song

One-Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes

“I made these for my niece’s birthday. The recipe doubles well. They have a soft crumb and are moist enough to accept icing!”

-The Hillbilly Chef

English Muffin Panini With Goat Cheese & Tomato

“So tasty! I didn’t toast the muffin beforehand, but it didn’t need it!”


Easy Bake Oven Pretty Pink Cake

“This cake was the first to turn out decent in our oven. The mixes didn't even turn out this good!”


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls

"These are so good, and so much fun. Everyone got a kick out of them. Yummy!"


Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

“A very good breakfast and comfort food for a cold winter morning!”

-Casey F.

Hot Dog Cookies with Relish & Mustard

“So cute and terribly easy. These will be a big hit at the barbecue! People can’t say I don’t make hamburgers and hot dogs for cook outs when I make these!”


Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets

“The flavor of these nuggets was really delicious. I appreciated that the sauce wasn’t too sweet and was full of gingery, orangey flavor.”

-Izy Hossack

Circus Animal Cookie Cake

A Ring Master's dream — elephant shaped layered cookies layered with colorful strawberry buttercream.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

“I’ve made this several times. It’s easy and delicious. My picky seven year-old likes it!”


Chicken Ranch Pizza

“I like this recipe because it’s easy and tastes good! I just add my favorite crust.”


Crunchie Bars

“My god, this is so good! It’s so easy to make, that my husband and his friends made them.”


Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

“I always turn to this recipe whenever I'm preparing a care package. The cookies stay soft so much longer than my usual recipe. It’s also fun to use M&Ms instead of chocolate chips if they’re for a party!”

-Marg CaymanDesigns

Pb&J Whoopie Pies

"These were fun and easy. Mine came out pretty big, but they made a cute dessert treat to bring to a friend's house and I just split each one between two kids."


Creamy Microwave Mac & Cheese

“I’m not a mac and cheese fan and I thought this recipe both tasted very good and was easy to make. The breadcrumbs are a fantastic addition!”

-Michael Weston

Turkey Porcupine Meatballs

“This is one of my favorite meals. We make it at least once a month. I love to serve it with cream cheese corn and green beans!”

-Photo Momma

Baked Salmon Fish Sticks

“This worked out really well for me! I made these for my children and they really enjoyed them.”

-magpie diner

Easy Granola Bars

“Easy, cheap and good!”


Best Ever Lasagna

"Wow, this was absolutely the best! I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious. My husband had two big helpings and he loved it! Definitely something I will make again and again.”

-mom of 4

Crispy Parmesan-Ranch Chicken Tenders

“Delicious, super moist and flavorful chicken. I used chicken tenderloins and served them with onion rings!”


Chicken Pot Pie

“My family adores this. It’s the perfect Sunday dinner and also so simple to make. I use frozen pie crust. Love this!”


PB&J Icebox Cake

“This decadent ice box cake is layered with peanut butter sandwich cookies, a peanut butter whipped cream and of course, strawberry jelly!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Skillet Beany Weenies

“This was very good! I had to improvise on the beans with home canned ones, but it still turned out very yummy and very filling!”


Stove-Top Macaroni & Cheese

“Excellent and easy! Don’t change a thing for my family, they love it just the way it is.”

-Yvette O.

Zesty Oven-Baked Fries

“We thought these were wonderful. I've made them three times in two weeks and they’re now my go-to fries!”

-K9 Owned

Mustard-Baked Chicken

“Excellent taste! I love the sour cream and mustard coating. Crispy on the outside while tender and moist on the inside.”


Corn Dog Muffins

“I’ve made these several times over the last few weeks. We like them so much better than regular corn dogs and it's got to be because of the batter and the addition of cheese!”

-Chads Cook

Crazy Pancakes

“I made this for a family brunch and had great reviews. A terrific idea if you're working with a scattered attention span and don't want to worry about flipping and turning!”


Waffle Cone Fried Chicken

A delicious mash-up that we all know and love, and now on-the-go. The cheesy topping is just icing on the cake!

BBQ Bacon Meatloaf Cupcakes

“This was so good! I don't peel my potatoes to incorporate extra fiber and vitamins.”

-R Register

Cajun Chicken Strips

“Delicious. That seasoning, oh my word! I love how easy these are! They disappeared very quickly here, we couldn’t stop eating them!”


Bananas Foster French Toast

“Oh my goodness, this is indescribably good. Such a wonderful guilty pleasure and treat. I made the toast using King's Hawaiian bread, but otherwise followed the recipe. That sauce totally made this for me!”


Bow Tie Pepperoni Pasta Salad

“What a great salad! It comes together quickly with minimum ingredients. I had to keep everyone out of the bowl so we could have some supper!”


Lemon Bars

“These bars were fabulous! One of the best things I've ever baked, and I’ve been baking for almost 50 years!”


Tuna & Pasta Salad

“This was really easy to make and surprisingly tasty. I think the secret ingredient is the cheese! I also used the frozen peas and chopped red pepper.”


White Chocolate & Maple Rice Krispie Squares

“What a wonderful variation to the normal rice krispie treat. I’ve never thought about using white chocolate before, or maple syrup for that matter. All great combinations that work well together!”


Easy Bake Oven Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies

“I had fun making this recipe! It was delicious.”


Strawberry Crisp for Two

"Wow, I’m amazed at the simplicity of this! It doesn't even need additional spices or sugars. Super fast and it even worked great with whole frozen strawberries!”


Surprise Cupcakes

“Yummy and impressive! I made them for a coworker's birthday and everyone enjoyed them. These are so quick and easy, I'm sure I'll be making them a lot. And surprisingly, I got a lot of questions about how I got the filling in the middle!”


Easy Pita Bread Pizza

“I had this for lunch today and loved it! I think this is my new way of making pizza at home. So easy, and I love that the crust is thin and crispy!”


Club Sandwich

“Perfect for an easy summer dinner, especially with fresh homegrown tomatoes! This is a great recipe with every component you need to make a next level sandwich.”


Baked Banana With Cinnamon & Honey

"This was wonderful. I had it for breakfast and plan on adding it to my oatmeal next time. My children loved helping making it!”


Easy Bake Oven Chocolate Cake

"I tried several easy bake oven cake recipes and this had the lightest, fluffiest texture. Really good! Frosted with chocolate buttercream."


Marbled Brownies

"Very yummy! The whole family enjoyed these. It’s easy to make, with a lovely frosting that's just right: rich and fudgy.”


Easy Enchiladas

“I made this for dinner last week and it was a huge hit. I used the larger tortillas which made five large enchiladas. They were quick, very simple to make and tasted fantastic.”


Easy Loaded Baked Potatoes

“It doesn’t get any easier than this! This is a great side dish or lunch with a salad.”


Easy Bake Oven Lemon Cake Mix

"This was super easy to make, and you can actually taste the lemon flavor! I may experiment next time with new flavors."


Tater Tots Casserole

"Surprisingly delicious! I wasn't too sure what to expect from this simple recipe, but the result was tasty, filling and yummy!”


Meatless Italian Macaroni Bake

"Wow, these five ingredients really come together well to make a great kid and adult-pleasing casserole!”


Pizza Dough for Thin Crust Pizza

“This is super easy and really crispy on a pizza stone! The best recipe for thin crust I’ve tried so far.”

-michael h.

Easy Breakfast Casserole

"This is great, I’ve made it two times now! Once as written and again by adding chopped onions. Very easy!”


Easy Bake Oven Chocolate Birthday Cake

“We thought this was very chocolatey and yummy! We used the easy bake chocolate frosting.”


Unbelievably Baked Buffalo Wings

“Unbelievably baked buffalo wings is right! These are amazing and super crispy.”



"Definitely make these if you love horseradish and garlic. The best burger I’ve had in a very long time, they were great! My boyfriend and I were fighting over who would take the leftover burger for their lunch the next day!”


Chicken Garlic Bites

"I served these at a party I hosted. I decided to triple the recipe, which was a very good move. They didn't last long! The chicken was so flavorful and tender.”


Sugar Donut Muffins

“I made these for my daughter's event at school and they were fabulous! They stayed moist and somewhat cakey, and the sugar on top set them off nicely.”

-PSU Lioness

Cookies & Cream Fudge

"I have one word for this: yummy! This tastes like the best part of the oreo cookie, the cream filling! I will definitely be making this again.”


Jello Fruit Wedges

“I made these fun little guys for my nephew and they were perfect! These were a hit with the whole family - not just the kids.”


Fish in the River

“These are so fun, even the adults enjoyed this cute afternoon snack.”