Janice's Margarita Martinis for a Party

Recipe by echo echo
READY IN: 10mins
SERVES: 20-24




  • Just before serving, in a ½-gal pitcher combine the tequila, 1 cup Cointreau,& 1 cup lime juice; taste and add more Cointreau if needed to balance the lime.
  • Pour about 1/4 cup lime juice onto one small plate, and 1/4 cup salt onto another.
  • Have martini glasses (preferably 5 oz) at hand (chilled, if possible).
  • As guests request martinis, invert a glass into the plate with the lime juice to moisten rim, then lightly dip into salt.
  • For each drink measure 2 oz (4 Tbs) of the tequila mixture into a cocktail shaker--do up to 3 drinks at a time.
  • Add ice cubes (5 standard-size cubes for 1 drink, 8 for 2, 10 for 3).
  • Shake vigorously 10-15 seconds and strain into the salt-crusted glasses.
  • Replenish the lime juice and salt in dipping plates as needed.