Showy but Simple Fruit Kabobs - Perfect for a Party

Recipe by magpie diner
YIELD: 30 skewers




  • If you're starting with a whole watermelon, cut it in half. Cut tip to tip, so that if you turn your half upside down, the tips are barely noticeable at each end. Choose to work with the half that looks the best when you turn it over.
  • Using a melon baller, scoop out all of the watermelon into nice bite sized balls, place them on a platter as you go. When you can't make any more balls, scrape the remainder of the watermelon out using a spoon until you have an empty shell (all white), and set the shell aside to let it dry out.
  • Once the shell is dried out a bit you will turn the shell over onto a platter, so the cut side is down and you've got a nice half round base to work with. Using a paring knife, cut small X marks or poke holes in rows as you choose across the outside of the melon shell. Space the holes about 2" apart.
  • Cut the rest of your fruit into bite sized pieces. You may also choose to use the melon baller on the cantaloupe.
  • Once all the fruit is cut up, you can start assembling the fruit onto skewers following any pattern you like. The grapes and berries can act as cute stoppers in between larger pieces of fruit. You may also choose to place a piece of fresh mint here and there. Leave about 3" empty on the bottom of each skewer.
  • As you finish each skewer poke the bottom into one of the pre-made holes or x's on your watermelon shell. Before long you'll have the entire melon filled up and looking a bit porcupine-ish. If you need to prepare a little in advance, make the skewers and base and then keep them chilled. Poke the skewers into place once you're ready to serve.