Instant Pot Goulash

Recipe by dmac085
READY IN: 1hr 15mins




  • Plug in Instant Pot and place the inner pot inside.
  • Set to Saute, high.
  • Add oil, let heat then add in onion.
  • Stir and after a minute add in garlic & keep stirring. Do not brown, just soften.
  • Sprinkle in salt, pepper, dry herbs and stir.
  • Add ground beef and break up and mix with onions. Add garlic and onion powder, Worcestershire sauce and Tamari, mix all to combine.
  • Taste once meat is cooked and adjust seasonings to taste. If pot times out during Saute, just hit cancel and reset to Saute again and hit start.
  • Once meat is done and seasoning is adjusted, hit cancel on control panel.
  • Drain off any liquid from meat and put meat back into the inner pot and place back into the unit.
  • Pour in both cans, tomato puree and crushed tomatoes. Stir from bottom to top to mix with the meat.
  • Taste and season to taste. Add brown sugar, if you are using it, more herbs, garlic or onion powder or chili flakes if you like.
  • Add in dry pasta and stir into sauce to submerge & coat.
  • Add water. Stir to incorporate well. Do not reseason. Water will be absorbed into the pasta so the flavor won't be watered down.
  • Lock lid in place, seal in closed position.
  • Select Pressure Cook, set time to 5-6 min depending on your pasta selection, high pressure. Press Start. *IF you like soft pasta, you can go up to 7 min but it gets chef boy ardee soft if you know what I mean��
  • Machine will come up to pressure then beep when actual cook time begins.
  • End of cook cycle will also be marked by a beep. Let machine natural release for 25 min then finish with a quick release.
  • Remove lid & Set into lid rest mount.
  • Liquid will be pooled on the top of the pasta. Gently fold in and it will be combined and absorbed back into the dish. Stir up from the bottom.
  • Sometime I do get a bit of scorched business on the bottom. I soak the pot in hot water, drop of dawn and a dryer sheet or two. Let it soak the try scrubbing off. A light application of the non abrasive Barkeepers Friend powder or liquid is good too.