Indonesian Sweet Martabak / Terang Bulan





  • Warm the Evaporated Milk up but do NOT boil it.
  • While waiting for the Evaporated Milk to get warm, you can put all the ingredients in a container except the margarine. (NOTE: Please use a big container since we need to whisk it later).
  • Pour the warm Evaporated Milk to the container and start whisking until the ingredients get mixed perfectly. Don’t worry if there is a little residue left.
  • Melt the Margarine on a pan.
  • Take another BIG container and use a sieve to separate the fine mixture from the residue. (NOTE: the container must be quite large as the mixture will expand later on).
  • Pour the melted Margarine to the fine mixture that has been sifted. Stir slowly for a while to mix the margarine.
  • Let the fine mixture rest for 30 minutes. It’s important that you do not touch the mixture during this process since it may damage the yeast.
  • After 30 minutes, heat up a frying pan at low heat and grease it well with margarine.
  • Pour the mixture to the frying pan. The amount of the mixture depends on your preference.
  • You can cover the frying pan with aluminium foil if you want to.
  • Wait for it to be cooked until it is firm.
  • Move it onto a plate and it’s ready for decoration.
  • Spread the chocolate sprinkle and followed by the shredded cheese. After that, Pour the condensed milk on top of other toppings.
  • Cut the Terang Bulan into half and fold it.
  • You can spread a bit of margarine on top of the Terang Bulan to moist the surface.
  • Cut it into pieces and ENJOY~ ^^.