Evaporated milk

Concentrated milk sold in cans, and comes either whole or nonfat. Don't confuse it with sweetened condensed milk, which has lots of sugar and is not a good substitute. If a recipe calls for condensed milk, it's almost certainly referring to sweetened condensed milk. Evaporated milk is sold with varying amounts of butterfat, ranging from whole evaporated milk with about 8% to skim evaporated milk with about 0.5%. To reconstitute evaporated milk, combine it with an equal amount of water. Recipes to make your own evaporated milk:

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Evaporated Soymilk Recipe #67841


available year-round


half and half OR milnot (available in Britain; whips better than evaporated milk) OR cream (higher in fat, but works well in pumpkin pies)

Dairy-Free Substitution: 1 cup water + 6 tablespoons soy milk powder = 1 cup evaporated

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