Hot, Buttery Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee)

READY IN: 10mins




  • You can use coffee brewed using any method - drip, french press, Americano, or you can buy fresh coffee from a cafe. Don't use instant coffee.
  • Place butter in a blender, pour in coffee and blend until emulsified.* A thin froth will form on top. The ratio of coffee to butter can vary as much as you like. I usually use about as much as I would on an average piece of toast.
  • Pour into a coffee mug and enjoy!
  • * Blending hot liquids can be dangerous, so be careful! Don't use anything air-tight, such as a Nutribullet. I use an immersion blender in a tall cup, and I wrap a tea towel around the top to prevent hot splatter. You can also use a traditional blender with cloth placed over the pour hole.