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Herb Crusted Tofu With Mushroom Gravy

Herb Crusted Tofu With Mushroom Gravy created by Outta Here

This is a recipe sent in to Vegetarian Times magazine from Suchitra Swift. I love crispy tofu and with this gravy it becomes comfort food!

Ready In:



  • Drain the tofu and cut into 6 slices.
  • To Make Herb Crust:

  • Combine all the ingredients except the oil in a shallow bowl.
  • To Make Mushroom Gravy:

  • Saute the onion in olive oil over medium high heat. Stir it often for 5 minutes, or until it is browned. Add the rosemary, the mushrooms and a pinch of salt. Add the broth, and simmer it until the mushrooms are tender, about 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, heat the vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium high heat( be careful not to burn it). Then coat the tofu cutlets with the herb crust. Place in the oil, and fry 4-5 minutes on each side until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.
  • Heat the gravy over high heat.Mix the cornstarch with 1/4 cup cold water; whisk into the gravy until it's thickened, and remove from heat.
  • Spoon the mushroom gravy over the tofu cutlets. Serve and enjoy!
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"This is a recipe sent in to Vegetarian Times magazine from Suchitra Swift. I love crispy tofu and with this gravy it becomes comfort food!"
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  1. Lucky in Bayview
    Excellent technique for getting crispy tofu with lovely flavor. My only changes to the recipe were to use about double the mushrooms using shiitaki and cremini and to cut the quantity rosemary in half, I still found it a little strong, rosemary isn't our favorite herb, so I may just substitute something else for it. Thanks for posting a recipe that I'll be making again and again.
  2. Outta Here
    Great recipe. I was serving with mashed potatoes, so I doubled the gravy recipe so we would have planty. Glad I did. I will be using this part of the recipe for other things, too. The tofu turned out crispy, though I personally find tofu to be a bit bland so might marinate it next time, say with a balsamic mixture. But as written, everyone else loved it. I will cut the amount of cornstarch next time also, but I used the some of the extra herbed cornstarch for the gravy and bagged the rest for later use.
  3. Outta Here
    Herb Crusted Tofu With Mushroom Gravy Created by Outta Here
  4. sofie-a-toast
    Tofu perfectly cooked! This was so crunch and then soft in the middle. Make sure to eat it when hot for the best texture. Very flavorful too - which I admit I was a bit skeptical of. I did decrease the cornstarch in the breading by half but kept the spices the same amounts. Otherwise, followed to a T. Thanks so much Sharon for a different way to make tofu!
  5. Wish I Could Cook
    This is the best tofu recipe in! I've been waiting for a long time to find a tofu recipe that I could proudly serve to guests. This one is superb. I used smoked tofu and dry fried it using this recipe recipe #415903. Then to make the cornstarch mixture stick, I dipped the dry fried tofu in a mixture of soy sauce and a couple drops of liquid smoke. The end result was a deliciously crispy outside, and a softer (but not mushy) interior. Most people would be surprised to find out this wasn't chicken... As for the mushroom sauce, it was fantastic too and worth making on its own. Can you tell I loved this recipe? I did. And it's going straight into my "good enough for company" cookbook. YUM!
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