Healthy French Bread Loaf (Abm / Machine)

Recipe by Ethan UK
READY IN: 4hrs 2mins




  • The suggested Tsp of vinegar is an old bakers trick to help the loaf keep for longer and is used in place of the same amount of water. I use cider vinegar but white wine or clear rice vinegar would be fine. The loaf does taste better without it so if you can get through the bread within 24 hours or so then I recommend leaving it out.
  • Remove pan from bread machine and place on scales (electronic ones are strongly recommended), and zero the scales.
  • Add the vinegar to the pan if using it and the warm water to total 300g (essentially 300ml water weighs 300g).
  • Weigh in the rest of the ingredients, ideally using the flour to cover the water if you can. (The times when I use oil, I usually cut it back to around 2/3 tablespoon, but most people would probably prefer the full tablespoon as listed).
  • Transfer the pan back into the bread machine, select French bread cycle if available (or whole wheat cycle if not). My preference is for a dark/firm crust for this loaf. Start machine.
  • Remove when done and allow to cool on a wire rack.