Green Tomato Relish

"This is a very easy relish that my mom always makes. Now that I have my own garden I make it myself. This goes well with fried catfish, beans, or any other southern dish. My wife likes it straight from the jar with crackers."
Green Tomato Relish created by stucknsmithpt
Ready In:
1hr 30mins
4 quarts




  • Wash tomatoes, cut into chunks. Place tomatoes, sugar, onion, peppers,vinegar and salt into large cooking pot. Mix well and simmer over medium heat, stirring until tomatoes turn from green to brownish and steam begins to form. Do not over cook. Do not Boil.
  • Pack into hot canning jar and seal, in a hot water canner. Bath in hot water bath for about 20 minutes. Take out and allow to cool for about 8-10 hours. Check for proper sealing, if some have not sealed put in fridge and enjoy when cold.

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  1. 26BEALEL
    how lond does it last without being in the fridge
  2. Celeste D.
    There is no way I'm canning is there away around this step? It won't be sitting around at all.
  3. Busters friend
    Total sleeper keeper recipe! I sliced the vegies using the Cusinart slicing blade - the green slicers and cherry tomatoes were beautiful even when they lost some color with heat. I used malt vinegar and split the batch to have a "medium" (recipe as written) & a "hot" (with twice as much peppers - the second half are red to make the difference in heat a visual too). I am hoping the peppers don't mellow too much in the next month. What a great balanced taste it is now! Oh made 3/4 batch (ran outta maters LOL) and got 6 - 1/2 pints of each - meaning the following weight to volume conversions were spot on - 1 lb onion = 4 cups thin sliced; 1/2 lb pepper = 2 cups thin sliced(seeds & all of jalareos, green jalapenos, green serranos)
  4. stucknsmithpt
    Green Tomato Relish Created by stucknsmithpt
  5. pinto68
    PERFECT!! Exactly like what I got at my old favorite catfish restaurant. Yum! I am so excited to have this recipe. If you are thinking about trying it, I guarantee you won't be disapointed. Thank You!



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