Greek Potatoes (Oven-Roasted and Delicious!)

"These potatoes are a staple in our home. Whether accompanying roast lamb or chicken, or just on their own, we have them a couple of times a week. They are delicious and the ones that get overly-brown in the pan and stick a bit are MINE! Clean up is a little tricky with this recipe, unless you line your pans with foil, but I find that just filling the pan up with hot, sudsy water and forgetting for an hour (something I apparently have no problem doing ;-)) helps a lot."
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photo by Izy Hossack
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Ready In:
1hr 29mins




  • Preheat oven to 420°F A reviewer has suggested spraying the baking pan with Pam - that sounds like a great idea!
  • Put all the ingredients into a baking pan large enough to hold them.
  • Season generously with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Make sure your hands are very clean and put them in the pan and give everything a toss to distribute.
  • The garlic will drop into the water/oil solution but its flavour will permeate the potatoes, and this way, it won't burn.
  • Bake for 40 minutes.
  • When a nice golden-brown crust has formed on the potatoes, give them a stir to bring the white underside up, season lightly with a bit more sea salt and pepper and just a light sprinkling of oregano.
  • Add 1/2 cup more water if pan appears to be getting dry, and pop back into oven to brown other side of potatoes.
  • This will take about another 40 minutes.
  • Do not be afraid of overcooking the potatoes- they will be delicious.
  • Note: I often melt a bouillon cube in the water; if you do, make sure to cut back some on the salt.

Questions & Replies

  1. Does it matter what kind of potatoes you use? Russet, Yukon gold or Red Bliss?
  2. When do you use the lemon juice?
  3. Has anyone tried these with feta? When you go to eat them while hot, crumble some cold feta over them. Even an extra squeeze of lemon . My Yoa Yia from Greece made her potatoes similar to this recipe and always crumbled feta over them. Yummy!
  4. I don't understand paragraph 5, in the step of directions: "The garlic will drop into the water/oil solution but its flavour will permeate the potatoes, and this way, it won't burn."
  5. How can you declare the sodium content when the recipe does not specify an amount of “sea salt”?


  1. I've used this recipe several times and it is FAIL PROOF!! I suggest using more garlic...I like 6 cloves and I also use vegetable or chicken stock instead of water. (I also pass on adding extra salt because of this). For an EASY EASY meal, you can toss in chicken breasts, or lean pork chops and bake dinner in one pan. I've used MANY different greek potato recipes and this is the best ever!
  2. This was fantastic! I pre-cooked the potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes to shorten the cooking time a bit. I used a 3 lb. bag of small red salad potatoes, quartered, and that seemed perfect. I baked them for around half an hour and then broiled them for an additional 15 minutes or so, stirring every 5 minutes so they all got browned and yummy. We found that the kids liked them best with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on afterwards, and discovered we liked them with the Parmesan, too! Yum! We will be making these again. Thanks for the new recipe!
  3. Great recipe! I wiped the pan down with olive oil to coat prior to adding the ingredients to it & feel it must've helped as I had very little sticking. I used the 4 tsp minced garlic cloves and do not recommend using any more than this. I believe you could do wonderfully with half that. And as a sidenote, if you're having guests over, I don't recommend this recipe with the 4 tsp of garlic as the scent of it baking in olive oil for hours was overwhelming. Additionally, I followed the 40 min/40 min baking & I agree with the owner that these would be hard to overcook as they could've easily used another 20 min. Thank you for the great recipe that I'll use again!
  4. A little advice regarding the small handful of people who thought these were bland, or too lemony.. I would only use fresh garlic - not the minced stuff in the jar, which lacks potency. Also use fresh lemons, not the bottled juice, which is extremely bitter. Also, a good tip on cleaning any burnt pan is to fill it with hot water, and sprinkle in some powdered Cascade dishwashing detergent. Even if you don't have a dishwasher, its worth having a box under the sink. Let it soak in that a couple hours and burnt stuff peels right off. BTW, we love these potatoes and make them several times a month.
  5. Made these tonight and they were delicious...just a comment on the photos. It is obvious from some of them that the recipe was not followed as written. Is it just me or should pictures not be posted unless the recipe is followed as written?


  1. Very good and flavorful. I made for our large family camping trip for our greek dinner. I used small red potatoes, lots more garlic and chicken broth instead of water. I think 1/2 the oil could have been used with great results. I lined the pan with foil, but wouldn't do that next time because the potatoes didn't stick, but the foil did.
  2. I have made these delicious spuds multiple times and we never get tired of them. Didn't have lemons, so subbed lemon pepper for the juice.
  3. I've been making this recipe for a few years now, and it's a hit! Someone suggested using chicken bouillon cube(s) instead of the salt, and it really adds to the flavour. I also use a lot more oregano than in the recipe. A glass baking dish seems to clean up the easiest. Afterwards I give a quick rinse and put it straight in the dishwasher. The dish looks ugly going, but is often completely clean coming out, or I might have a couple of tiny spots that need scrubbing.
  4. I use 1 1/3 tbsp of minced garlic, if I can't get fresh garlic
  5. TASTY.


<style>body { background: url(""); background-repeat: repeat-y; }</style> OK, here goes. I live in Athens, Greece. I moved out here many, many years ago from Ottawa, Canada - so I am blessed in having two wonderful heritages! I suffer from compulsive obsessive behaviour with regard to food and my psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea to find a 'society' where many have the same problem and try to find a cure. So far, I've copied a couple of thousand recipes from this site and my psychiatrist has thrown the towel in and refuses to answer the phone when I call. What did I do wrong? Got 3 kids that keep me on the go - 10 and under at this point (2008) - I may not get round to updating this for a few years, so you'll have to do your own maths. I teach English full-time and Greek Cookery part-time. I would like to make the cooking part of it full-time and the English Grammar part of it part-time. That's all for now.
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