Gingerroot Tea to Cure a Cold

"My friend Wendy gave me this recipe a few years ago when I was sick. Try it, it really works! Warning: I think I should probably prepare you up front, the heat of the cayenne and the strength of the garlic can kind of burn going down!"
photo by Karen Elizabeth photo by Karen Elizabeth
photo by Karen Elizabeth
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  • Put grated ginger and water in a pot and bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add cayenne pepper and simmer for 1 more minute.
  • Remove from heat and add 2 Tbsps of fresh lemon juice, honey to taste and garlic.
  • Let cool slightly and strain before drinking.

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  1. You definitely don't drink this for fun, but it is very effective! I didn't have a cold, but I do like ginger tea, so bearing in mind previous viewers comments, I gave it a go, and actually, I liked it! I offered some to my son as well, and he drank some, as long as you KNOW it's going to have a bite, you'll be fine! You might not want to drink a pot of it, but it's a good pick-me-up, I felt quite energised after drinking it, and my sinuses were definitely flowing clearly in the evening! I think it's a good tonic, thank you, Babzy. I might add that I was cautious with the cayenne, I did add the right amount but was careful not to overdo it! Made for ZWT5
  2. Not going to rate this as we must have done something wrong. There isn't any possible way my husband was going to drink this. We both agreed that the taste was SO atrocious that neither of us could have stomached it. Again, maybe we did something wrong...but whew! I imagine that if he could have miraculously gotten it down, it might have done some good - all the right ingredients. Sorry.
  3. My daugher was coming down with a deep chesty cough and boy did this loosen things up - immediatley. It loosened the flem so much, she was gagging, coughing til she was sick. Then she tried the magical bath 140350. She felt better today but the chest sounds are starting up but this time she wants something sweeter. She found this drink nasty but I'm rating 4 stars due to effectiveness - I didn't mind the sip I took.



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