Egg Bread Magic

"I got this recipe from my mother in law. I've been looking for a light white bread that's soft and fluff, but still firm enough to make a sandwich with. This recipe is perfect for that. Put a little butter or jam on a slice of this while it's still warm and you'll never use a different bread recipe again! Makes a 1.5 pound loaf"
photo by Marie Nixon photo by Marie Nixon
photo by Marie Nixon
Ready In:
3hrs 10mins
1 1/2 pound loaf




  • Place all ingredients into bread machine in order as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Bake on the basic bread setting.
  • Note: I usually pour the sugar and salt in with the liquids and slosh them around to dissolve a little bit before adding the flour.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Lori N.
    what can i use in place of milk


  1. Traci R.
    Delicious! Great texture. I may need a new bread machine, though. Even though my machine has a 1.5# setting, this loaf rose (as it baked) to 2 or more inches above the pan and lifted the lid of my machine. It still had 30 min to bake, so I just loosely wrapped foil around the top and let it finish. It looked like a very tall muffin, but was perfect other than that!
  2. 3vegkids
    mmmm! i cut back to 1 tsp of salt, and upped the yeast to almost 2 tsp because i knew thats what would work in my bread machine and my altitude, and it was yummy! a little bit sweet for sandwiches (in my opinion), but makes wonderful toast. thanks for posting it!
  3. kaec7628
    I used about 1/3 cup of honey instead of the sugar and it turned out great! Thanks.
  4. omonreale
    Most awesome recipe everrrr!!! Thank you thank you!!! I did not change a thing
  5. Bake Em N Take Em
    Turned out fine, but this was really nothing special to me. It was ok as toast, but I was hoping to make something I'd crave.


  1. kaec7628
    I used about 1/3 cup of honey instead of the sugar and it turned out great! Thanks.



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