Easy, Deliciously Cheesy Sauteed Corn, Mexican Style

"Surprisingly, this is a pretty low-cal side dish! I made this last night when I just didn't know what to eat! I knew I felt "cheesy", and there was loads of corn at home, but I didn't feel up to an elaborate recipe, so I put this together and topped this dish over pita bread for a great dinner!"
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  • Dump the first 5 ingredients (corn to oregano) in a medium saucepan, stir well, and saute on a high flame for about 5 minutes or until most of the liquid has been absorbed or evaporated.
  • Now reduce the flame to low and add the cheese spread, and swirl it around with the sauteed corn with a wooden spoon until melted and well mixed.
  • Serve hot, on bread, or over mashed potatoes, or with just about anything else!
  • It's so yummy, you eat it straight.

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  1. My first attempt at Mexican food was a huge hit! Made recipe #98604 Chicken Enchiladas and found your recipe. I used 2 ears of fresh corn on the cob followed your recipe but since I did not have Laughing Cow in the house I used shredded Mexican cheese and it was so yummy!! My husband does not like corn, he loved this!
  2. I read the reviews before making so I used a 15 ounce can of corn (I'm not a fan of frozen corn) which was over a cup of corn. I kept the other ingredients the same. I used 2 tablespoons of picanta instead of salsa and topped with a mexican blend of cheese. We all enjoyed this and it was the perfect amount of corn and seasoning for us. Made with Recipe #103966. Nice easy side dish.
  3. This is delish! I doubled it and served it with Recipe#9957. It didn't quite make enough for our liking was the only problem. I used low fat laughing cow. I think next time I'll up the corn but leave the rest the same. This was a great easy Mexian style side dish.
  4. I chose to use fresh corn cut from the cobb, light laughing cow cheese and doubled the recipe. I served along side Healthy Chicken Enchiladas #134212 and they complimented each other perfectly. I honestly had a hard time rating this one, as the flavor is a five, but the appearrance of the dish was a three. In the end the flavor is what matters so I settled on four stars. Thank you Anu for sharing the recipe.



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