Corn is one of the all-time favorite vegetables the United States. White (smaller sweeter) and yellow (bigger, more flavor) kerneled corn are the most popular eating varieties today, but corn comes in red, blue, brown and purple. The white and yellow hybrid is called butter and sugar corn, which produces both kinds of kernels. Did you know, for every kernel of corn on the cob, there is one strand of silk? Baby corn can be purchased in cans or jars and is used in Asian cooking. Hominy is specially processed corn kernels.


June - October

How to select

As soon as it is picked the sugar in corn turns to starch reducing its sweetness. Look for bright green tight husks and milky plump kernels.

How to store

Should be used immediately or refrigerated as the sugar content converts to starch when stored at room temperature.

How to prepare

Remove the husk and silk just before cooking or grill in the husk. boil, grill, roast, saute, simmer

Matches well with

bacon, basil, butter, chiles, chives, cilantro, cream, garlic, lemon, lime, onions, parsley, peppers, scallions

Popular Corn Recipes