Deer Camp Hot Mustard Dip, (For Bologna)

Recipe by Bone Man
READY IN: 20mins




  • The measurement of the banana peppers is 16 ounces of them by volume AFTER they are drained, so you'll probably need a couple of regular-sized jars if you plan to make the full recipe.
  • Pour the drained hot pepper slices into a mixing bowl and remove any tops with stems or hard pieces. Don't worry about a few seeds if some are present.
  • In a food processor, dump in the drained pepper slices and turn them into "mush".
  • In a mixing bowl, blend the pepper mush with the mustard. Store under refrigeration in sanitized jars.
  • NOTE: My hunting pals and I have found that this recipe tastes best with one of the following three (fairly tart) brands of mustard: Heinz (my favorite); French's, or; Plochmans. ALSO, I use pepper slices instead of whole peppers because there are very few seeds in the canned sliced peppers.