Deep Fried Mushrooms

"Just a quick and easy recipe. I tried to find one on here, but this is the bare bones and very yummy!"
photo by Annie D. photo by Annie D.
photo by Annie D.
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photo by Annie D. photo by Annie D.
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  • Wash the mushrooms and remove most of the stem.
  • Pat mushrooms dry with a paper towel.
  • Coat mushrooms with flour, lightly tap to remove excess flour.
  • Dip in eggs.
  • Coat with bread crumbs.
  • Set on a rack for a few minutes, so batter sets/dries.
  • Heat the oil in the deep fryer to 375 degrees. Pay close attention to grease while it heats. Cooking with oil at high heat levels can be dangerous!
  • Deep fry mushrooms in batches for approximately 3- 4 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Drain on paper towels and serve.

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  1. I was in a hurry. I used this recipe not changing anything. Using the brown button mushrooms. Not removing much of the stem. I cut off a little to the freshest looking part. The only thing I did different was use baggies. I put flour in first drench & shook. Next the bowl of 4 eggs. Used hands to toss and cover with egg. Then into another baggie with my own bread crumbs. (I dry and repurpose bread by using Krupp's coffee grinder. Keep B C in freezer.) Mushrooms into 1 cup bread crumbs , shake. Toss coated mushrooms into hot fryer. I wasn't that fast but I fried 3 boxes of mushrooms, Used 4 eggs, less than 1 c flour and less than 2 cups bread crumbs. They turned out wonderful. I am recommending not to fuss just have fun with cooking. Par excellent! I have the bowl on top of TURNED OFF fryer with upside down lid. With metal bowl and another flat lid to keep them hot. The flat lid was removed for photo. Fantastic recipe no matter what technique!
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  2. I used panko in lieu of the bread crumbs because I like the super crunch to contrast with the juiciness of the mushrooms. This was my first time deep drying mushrooms in a fryer and your guide helped a lot! I do agree that 375 may be too hot for the suggested 3-4 minutes. Mine were golden in about a minute and after flipping, maybe an additional thirty seconds. I used the old ziplock bag trick to avoid the majority of the mess. You might waste a little bit more product but it's worth it to me. If you make them often enough you can tailor the amount to reduce waste.
  3. Though it took me longer than 9 min. to prepare and cook these, they turned out great. Satisfies the fried mushroom craving quite nicely!
  4. very good and crispy.
  5. This was extremely yummy! Reminded me of the mushrooms we had at the bar/grill I worked at in college! I had rather large mushrooms, so I quartererd them, which worked well. Very messy to make, but worth it!


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