Debris Po'boys


Ready In:
4hrs 15mins



  • Cut small slits into the roast, about every 3 inches, try not to pierce all the way to the bottom. Stuff the sliced garlic into the slits.
  • Season the Roast very liberally on all sides with the Salt & Black Pepper, season with Cayenne to your taste, I don’t use much.
  • Heat the fat in a heavy bottomed Dutch Oven over high heat, when the oil starts to smoke, wait a few more seconds, then carefully add the Roast cut side down. Brown very well on all sides, without burning it. Remove to a plate.
  • Drain off all but 1 Tbsp of the fat in the pan, add the onions and carrots, cook until the onions just start to brown, place the roast back in the pan, then add the stocks. Finish, if necessary, with enough water to bring the cooking liquid 3/4 of the way up the roast. Add the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, then back down to a simmer. Simmer covered for 3-4 hours or until the meat falls apart by staring at it.
  • For the Debris Gravy:

  • Carve the meat into very thin slices, it will be hard to do and will fall apart, that is good. All of the bits and pieces, that fall off are your Debris (pronounced DAY-bree.) Add all of the bits and chunks to you cooking liquid after skimming off the fat from the surface, keep the carved meat with a little liquid on a warm plate, covered tightly with plastic wrap. Bring the gravy to a full boil and reduce until it coats the back of a spoon. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • For the Po’ Boy:

  • New Orleans Style French Bread (Po’ Boys are generally about 9-10 inches long per sandwich. As you can see I made mine a bit smaller, shame on me.) Cut the bread 3/4 of the way through leaving a hinge (as seen in the background of the pic.) I find the hinge makes for slightly, easier eating.
  • Shredded Lettuce (or Cabbage a la Mothers).
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Roast Beef (see above).
  • Debris Gravy.
  • Slather the bread with a very generous portion of Mayonnaise on the inside of the upper and lower halves. Place about a cup of Shredded Lettuce on the bottom half. Cover the lettuce with a generous portion of the “sliced” Beef. Drown the beef with Debris Gravy.
  • Grab a stack of napkins, a cold beer and enjoy!
  • **Note – To make this a Ferdi Special a la Mother’s, add Good quality sliced ham underneath the Beef!
  • This Roast will make about 4 very generous Po’ Boys.
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  1. kit in NO
    I saw this recipe on as well, but didn't try it until today. It was the closest thing to Domelise's yet, and Domelise's po-boys are the closest thing to heaven in New Orleans (if you are a carnivore). I must caution you to be stingy with the pepper as Domelise's po-boys are not peppery. Thank you for posting this, and to everyone (especially the ex-pats) who sees this recipe, try it and you will not be disappointed...after all, I live here. Kit in NO (that's N'awlins)
  2. p_olds