Dancing Mushrooms

"Cute name for a delicious dish! Mushrooms so happy to be prepared lovingly into such a delicious dish that they DANCE with joy! Wonderful with a fresh green salad, some crusty bread and a glass of white wine. According to one reviewer, they FREEZE well to for OAMC!"
photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope
photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope
photo by threeovens photo by threeovens
photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope
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  • Preheat a large skillet over medium heat. When the dry skillet is hot add olive oil and HALF of the butter.
  • Slice the stems off of the mushrooms so that the bottom is flat.
  • When butter has melted add all mushrooms cap down and allow them to cook undisturbed for 6-7 minutes so that they caramelize and are nicely browned on the bottom. Shake them around a tiny bit at first to help them not stick but if they do stick do not worry. They will release from the pan when they have properly caramelized.
  • Turn mushrooms over and allow to brown on the stem side in the same manner. Add just a tiny bit more olive oil if needed or spray a bit with some cooking spray to keep calories down.
  • When mushrooms have browned well on both sides add onion and garlic and saute just until the garlic releases its flavor- about one minute. Add the remaining butter, basil, rosemary and parsley and cook for one minute more, stirring constantly.
  • Add lemon juice and wine and reduce heat to simmer (between medium low and low on my stove). Cover and simmer for about 5 minutes or mushrooms are done but still firm. Add more wine if needed but try not to let all the liquid evaporate. Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Note: You may wish to reserve a little of the pasta water to add to the sauce if you would like more sauce.
  • Serve mushrooms over cooked and well drained pasta, then generously sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese on top. I like to add a pinch of fresh ground black pepper or pepper flakes to the top as well.

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  1. More Gun
    absolutely fantastic and flavorful!
  2. Salorlady
    As I had guests for a week I took the chance , made these in advance, and froze them. I'm happy to say that all raved about the dancing mushroom pasta dinner!
  3. threeovens
    I really liked this. The sauce is sweet and herb-y while the mushrooms are meaty and savory. Quick and easy. Made for ZWT5.
  4. Thymestudio
    Fantastic! Made a wonderful lunch for this mushroom lover. Easy and clearly written, thank you for posting. ZWT5
  5. thewaywardheart
    This dish is simple, flavorful, and satisfying! A great recipe for this mushroom-pasta lover.


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