Curried Tuna Pita Pockets

"A crunchy flavor packed tuna salad that would work great for lunch or a light supper. The original recipe first appeared in Jolie Warner's "take a can of tuna" and as presented includes my modifications. What distinguishes this recipe is the addition of fresh basil which adds a sweet grassy flavor in contrast to the heat of the curry. Serve sandwiches with a crispy salad and enjoy. You could also turn this into an entree salad and serve pita wedges on the side. As presented, this is intended to be eaten shortly after preparation. If you are planning to chill it a few hours, I would suggest scaling back the curry powder as the flavor grows stronger and overshadows the other flavors in the salad."
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photo by justcallmetoni
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  • In a medium sized bowl combine the mayonnaise, lime juice, lime zest and curry powder.
  • Add all remaining ingredients except the lettuce and pita. Mix until combined.
  • Split pitas and add one or two lettuce leaves. Add a scoop of tuna salad.

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  1. Sarah_Jayne
    I really enjoyed this sandwich for lunch today. It was a bit like coronation chicken (but with tuna, obviously) which is a dish I really enjoy but the basil was something I never would have thought to add and it gave it a different lift. I used a medium curry powder because I am a spice wimp and it was all well balanced for my taste buds.
  2. PetsRus
    Wonderful flavors, easy to put together! This made us a wonderful lunch. I used hot Madras curry powder and the recipe provided a filling for 3 small whole wheat pita's Many thanks for this recipe Toni!
  3. Wendy-Bob
    I'll be honest - I used this recipe as more of an inspiration than anything. I needed something interesting to do with tuna for my lunch today and when I saw this decided the concept was perfect, but I did make a good few amendments. Basically I have a personal dislike for celery so I skipped that altogether, and also I'm noy a massive fan of sweet fruity stuff mixed with savory so I skipped the currants and apple too. We didn't have any lettuce or basil in and my other half finished the pitta breads off yesterday evening it turns out, so I ended up serving on vogels wholemeal linseed bread instead smf it came out really nice. Very simple, easy and very tasty. I always love the combinaton of curry and lime so I knew I'd be onto a winner. I'll definitely be having this again - it's a great, healthy lunch and a fantastic way to spice up tuna from your usual tuna mayo / tuna sweetcorn mayo. Thanks for yet another fab recipe Toni!
  4. PaulaG
    A wonderful blending of flavors! I used lemon juice and zest instead of the lime and since I this was going to be sitting overnight, I took your advise and decreased the curry powder to 3/4 teaspoon. This makes a nice lunch for 2. I used a mixture of baby greens to line the pita bread so that the mixture didn't soak through and packed them for a brown bag lunch. Had this along with some fresh baby carrots.


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