Croatian BBQ Lamb Liver

"Lamb liver is usually regarded as meat surplus or just trash. But whoever tries lamb liver will change this unjust bias. (You can try this meal with pork or veal liver, but it is not so good). This is very simple BBQ recipe."
photo by nitko photo by nitko
photo by nitko
photo by nitko photo by nitko
Ready In:
1hr 20mins
4 portions




  • Cut liver into 1 cm thick stakes, removing small veins. Soak liver in milk for 1 hour.
  • Drain the milk dry with paper towel, soak in oil and put on fire. Livers are done when they are rose inside.
  • Salt after otherwise livers will be hard. Serve with fresh cut onion rings.
  • At the end, just pour over some olive oil over the livers and add some minced garlic.

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  1. Thank you for this. I was trying lamb liver for the first time both cooking and eating it. DH had it before. Beef liver was so much stronger and this was a good recipe that I used in combination with a few other tips found on the internet. I soaked the lambs liver which was already chopped in 2 % milk for almost 2 hours (supposedly this takes some of the strong flavour out) 1 hour was on the counter. I like this recipe because everything it says to do is important. I patted them dry and sprinkled a little recipe#79179 to give it some Iraqi flavour (it didn't really do much I think) I also did them in a bit of sweet butter (unsalted) and olive oil as per in my cast iron frying pan adding a bit of crushed garlic to the pan for each batch when almost done. I sea salted and freshly ground peppered afterwards as per this recipe. We had this over recipe#418082 along with plum tomatoes charred like Iranian style with the rice. Putting them on a skewer under broil with an X cut into the tops turning part way through. For the recommend onion I made recipe#383990 cut a bit chunkier using vindalia onions which we mixed into our rice. Squeezed some fresh lemon on top. A much needed recipe.
  2. I tasted this in Moš?eni?ka Draga in 2000 at a hillside cafe. It was spectacular. My local butcher in Canada rarely has lamb liver so I was excited when I finally found some. I used Nitko’s recipe and it was totally authentic. Thanks Nitko!



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