Creamy Grits (Rice Cooker)

"I first tasted grits as an adult and was underwhelmed. But I really started to enjoy them with added ingredients, so I started thinking of how to improve them for breakfast. I realized that I had also disliked oatmeal made with water, so taking a cue from my mother, I prepared them with milk. I really liked the results, but not the cooking of them. So I threw everything into the rice cooker - yummy grits with no fuss. This recipe can be doubled readily."
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photo by Sharon123
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  • Put all ingredients into rice cooker bowl and stir to combine. Set to porridge cycle.
  • About 10 minutes into the cycle, stir. (I often don't get around to this, and they turn out fine),.
  • I serve with a pat of butter and a spoonful of cherry or other preserves.

Questions & Replies

  1. Would this be the Oatmeal cycle? My Ming Rice Cooker does Not have a Porridge cycle..Or do I use the white rice Cycle? Trisha


  1. this is about easy . you could start this before you got ready for school or work and have a hot breakfast , easy easy easy and tastes great . and i need to give you stars
  2. I enjoyed the creaminess of the grits! I used organic yellow grits, cooked in a saucepan(I don't have a rice cooker) for about 15 minutes. I topped with a dollop of fig walnut butter. Yum! Thanks!
  3. I thought these were great. As for the person that said corn shouldn't be eaten with sweet then they must not have ever had kettle corn or corn cakes. There is more than one way to cook/serve stuff, just because these aren't cooked the "southern" way doesn't mean these aren't good, your rating should be removed. I prefer my grits creamy and I thought these were spot on. I've made this a few times now and they always turn out perfect, I never stir either. So much easier than making them on the stove.
  4. The basic recipe is okay BUT most southerners do not use milk and use water instead. Adding salt, pepper, butter and sometimes cheese, is traditionally southern. Adding anything sweet (preserves, sugar, etc.) is simply wrong and not good at all. It's no wonder people who have eaten grits with something sweet have not liked them. You don't eat corn with syrup, so why use sweet things with grits, a corn product? If you like spicy, some Tabasco in the grits is good too. Many southerners also add sausage, bacon and even eggs into their grits and that's simply amazing.
  5. What a simple and delicious method for cooking grits! We loved this as a side dish for dinner and it went very well with our pork loin roast. Since I used quick-cooking grits and the stated quantity was smallish, they came what I call "Persian-style", i.e., crispy and brown on the bottom, which is fine. I will try again with the stone ground type once I find them. Thanks, duonyte! Made for Best of 2011 Cookbook tag game as recommended by Dienia B.


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