Grits is a type of maize porridge. Commonly served in the Southern parts of the USA and southern Manchuria (where it is named gezi). Grits or hominy grits are made from corn, which are traditionally done by a stone mill. Grits coarse whitish grains come from hominy. The word grits originates from the English word meaning “grytta”, which means a coarse meal of any kind.
Grits are normally served at breakfast time, but can also be served at any meal.
Grits are similar to farina and polenta. In the US polenta is referred to as cornmeal mush and is sold precooked and then chilled in stick form to be sliced and fried for breakfast.
Varieties include quick-cooking and instant. When grits are boiled and served with water, milk and butter it resembles cream of wheat.


available year-round

How to select

Available all year round in grocery stores. Being easier to find and popular in the Southern US states.

How to prepare

Grits are simply prepared by boiling into porridge, they boil until the water evaporates and leaves them semi-solid.


polenta meal, buckwheat or barley grits

Popular Grits Recipes