Creamy Breakfast Oatmeal (Rice Cooker)

"This is from a wonderful book, The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook, by Hensperger and Kaufmann. It makes a wonderful, creamy oatmeal with no watching or muss or fuss. Definitely use steel-cut oats, which have a wonderful texture, so superior to the regular stuff. I usually use dried cranberries, raisins or currants, instead of the dates."
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  • Place all ingredients, except dates, in cooker; stir gently to combine; sprinkle dates on top.
  • Close the cover, set on Porridge cycle.
  • NOTE1: This recipe is designed for a rice cooker with fuzzy logic - use the porridge setting. If you have a regular rice cooker, you will need to watch it to determine when the oatmeal is done, probably 25 to 30 minutes, depending on your cooker.
  • NOTE2: Steel cut oats vary slightly. With some brands I find I need to reduce the milk to 1 1/2 cup to get the right consistency.
  • NOTE3: You can substitute vanilla flavored soy milk for the milk plus vanilla extract.

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  1. I made this using my small dorm room sized rice cooker with only the two settings, cook and warm. But I used regular rolled oats instead of steel cut and skipped basically everything but the oats and milk. I’m just a simple brown sugar kind of girl. With this type of rice cooker I set my timer for about 17 minutes and just left it with the cover on. This oatmeal turned out wonderful! No more running to the local family restaurant when I feel like some oatmeal!
  2. I also use The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. This is SO INCREDIBLE and CONVENIENT! I make the recipe for the plain steel cut oatmeal cereal. I use 3 cups water to 1 cup oats and let it sit overnight and in the morning I just start my rice cooker's porridge cycle. By the time I am done getting ready for work, our breakfast oatmeal is done and we each add our different toppings. It's easy then to make a scrambled egg white omlet to go with it. I have a 10 Cup rice cooker.
  3. I used a small rice cooker, dorm style single sized. I also used quick oats, since I ran out of the cut oats. Awesome, didn't overflow, but the oats had to be stirred the moment it was done, because the single setting (no porridge or warm setting), to keep the bottom from browning. I just added soy milk and raisins, and it was delish. I normally add brown sugar, but apparently the maple syrup was enough. Worth a repeat!
  4. I made this in my 6 qt. Nesco Roaster on "steam". This was my first time using steel cut oats and also the first time I tried making anything in my roaster on steam. I put 2 cups of water in the cook well and made the oatmeal in a 1.5 qt. casserole placed on top of the rack. I followed the recipe exact except used dried cranberries and raisins. It needed about 35-40 minutes to get creamy and to the right texture. I checked it at about 30 minutes and all the cinnamon was just floating on top. At first this worried me, it seemed like too much and that it wouldn't blend in. But I gave it a good stir and let it cook a few minutes longer. The sweetness and flavors were perfect and I'm so glad I tried this recipe. Thanks!
  5. My husband bought me a Neuro Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker for Christmas and this is the first recipe I tried. I used the porridge setting. I didn't have dates so I used raisins. Perfect! Couldn't be easier and it is so tasty! I used light vanilla soy milk.


  1. This is a GREAT recipe! I have a son with special needs which means that we have to keep our family diet as free of artificial stuff as possible. Pretty easy when it comes to most meals but with three kids in school it can get hard in the mornings. My kids love oatmeal but the pre-packaged pouches contain more artifical stuff. Making oatmeal from scratch can be time consuming but this recipe allows me to toss the ingredients into my rice cooker when I get up and it's ready by the time the kids come to the table. I throw in dried apples instead of dates or raisins or simply skip the fruit all together depending on my mood and all three of my kids love it. Since steel cut oats are more expensive I often just use the old fashioned rolled oats and still come out with a great breakfast!
  2. I love this recipe. It's quick enough that, if I throw in all the ingredients as soon as I get up, the oatmeal will be ready before I go to work. I like to add dried apricots instead of the dates. I use almond milk or water and it turns out just fine. The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook is the best book for the rice cooker. I use a neuro fuzzy model.
  3. Unfortunately I only had old-fashioned oatmeal but I found it delicious just the same.I snipped some dried apricots instead of dates and it was lovely.I made the mistake of letting it cook longer than 10 minutes so it overflowed a bit but that did'nt detract from the recipe at all.
  4. This is my favorite oatmeal recipe ever. Creamy and wonderful. sometimes I use golden raisins instead of dates. I'm sure any dried fruit will work well.
  5. I served this as part of a breakfast buffet before Thanksgiving. Guests loved it and ate almost all of it. I left out the syrup and dates so everyone could add their own mix-ins. Made this is a 5.5 cup cooker and subbed some of the milk for water as it was very creamy.


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