Creamed Chipped Beef Sos

"This is a recipe is soooooo yummy!!! It is traditionally served over toast (S.O.S. is s**t on a shingle, toast being the shingle) but it can be served over biscuits, baked potatoes, rice or whatever you like. I like to use a cast iron skillet."
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  • Heat large skillet over Medium heat.
  • Add butter and melt till foamy.
  • Remove pan from heat and whisk in flour and continue stirring until no lumps are left.
  • Return to heat and continue stirring about 5 minutes to remove raw flour taste.
  • Slowly pour milk in while whisking.
  • About a quart will do depending on how thick you like it.
  • Continue stirring over heat until desired thickness.
  • Add dried beef and heat through, Add pepper and serve HOT over Toast.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can you use the chipped beef you would buy to make steak sandwiches?


  1. I love chipped beef/S.O.S. and this one is very good but a bit on the salting side.I think I will soak the beef in a bit of boiling water after I cut it up to de-salt it some.Not too long of a soak maybe five minutes.I also only had one jar of the Hormel Dried beef so I halved the whole recipe down the middle and the proportions were perfect.Just enough for my hubby and me.Thanks for posting!
  2. I was in the Army for six years during the Berlin crisis, and I loved this stuff! I Couldn't get enough when it was served. A little hot stuff and it was perfect! I followed this recipe to the tee and it was to salty. I used 3 - 2.25 bottles of Armour dried beef. I think one 2.25 bottle would be enough for me, because I like more gravy. The base is excellent. I will try it again. I did wash the meat because I read the other reviews that said it was too salty, but it needs more than washing. I will soak the meat in milk next time to see if it will remove the salt. I will also try ground meat.
  3. I love the this recipe it is a fantastic base for what my dad taught my mom to make from the air force. We also add frozen peas and it was a little bland and I couldn't figure out until later that it was missing the onion powder. My mom always used chopped dried onions, but my husband isn't too fond of them. Thanks!
  4. Nice! This was my first time making SOS without a sauce packet - much better tasting! I set the recipe for a single serving and ended up having to add a bit of flour and butter to thicken it up while using ~ 12oz of milk.
  5. This is exact to the recipe I grew up on and still make today! I use dried beef, hamburger or sausage, whatever we're in the mood for! It's so yummy.... it's hard to stop eating. We go back and forth between eating over toast or mashed potatoes. Mmmm


  1. This recipe jumped out and really brought back memories. My late father used to make SOS, a favorite of his from his days in the US Marines. My mother made this and said it was 100% right on the money. The only thing she did differently was to use ground beef instead of the dried beef. Ground beef is probably easier to find than dried beef.



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