Cracker Pork Loin

READY IN: 27mins




  • If you have a Mortar and Pestle use it to gind up your Saltine Crackers. You want these to be as fine as you can get. It is ok if you have bigger pieces of the cracker but you really want it the crackers to be finely ground if you can. If you have a food processor use that. Anything will work. So do what works for you.
  • I like to season up the crackers so I add salt, pepper and greek seasoning to the crackers. Some greek seasonings do not have salt so please be sure to add EXTRA greek seasoning and a little bit more salt. I liberally add the seasonings to the crackers. I also add the seasoning mixture to my milk and eggs mixture as well. Do what sounds good to you.
  • Next you are going to want to Beat 1 egg and slowly add two tablespoons of milk. This is the glue for your meal. This is how your crackers will stick so well to your Pork Loins.
  • Put a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Non Stick Pan and turn the heat onto med. high heat. While it is warming up Dredge your pork loins into your eggs mixture and then into your crackers. Be sure that the TOP AND BOTTOM of your Porn Loin has a decent coat of crackers. Then add your pork loins into the pans. You want your pan to be hot but not screaming hot.
  • For thin slices of pork loin I usually do about 7 minutes on each side. FEEL FREE to cut the thickest piece of meat you have to see if it is finished cooking. Each side of your pork loin should have a beautiful golden brown color. Remember thicker pieces of pork loin MUST be cooked longer. If you notice that the coating for your pork is browningway too fast drop the heat. Your pan is way too hot and you will not cook this meal properly.