Cottage Cheese and Chive Bread ( Bread Machine )

"The original recipe was in the instruction book for my ABM (an Oster 2 Pound Expressbake). This bread is quite dense and very moist with a crisp crust. It slices easily and makes wonderful toast and sandwiches. It’s our favorite of all the recipes I’ve tried so far. The cottage cheese is all but invisible in the bread so don't worry about offending those who turn up their noses at the mention of it. I find it to be a sneaky way to get added calcium into their diets."
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photo by diner524
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Ready In:
3hrs 15mins
1 2 pound loaf




  • Measure and add ingredients to YOUR bread maker according to YOUR instructions. (Mine takes all liquids first, then dry ingredients, with the yeast last.).
  • Select the “Sweet Bread” setting.
  • Select “Crust Color” medium.
  • Press Start, walk away, come back 2 hours and 50 minutes later to behold your creation!
  • Notes:

  • Cottage cheese - I drain all the whey that will readily pour off but don't actually strain it to remove all the liquid. I suppose the drained liquid could replace all or part of the water but I haven't tried it.
  • Dough Consistency - As with all bread recipes, more flour or water may be needed depending on the humidity. Watch during the first knead & if the bread looks too dry, add water, 1 teaspoon at a time, until the dough gathers up. Likewise, if the dough looks to wet (my machine makes a louder noise when this is the case) sprinkle in flour.

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  1. Karen S.
    Yummymade a loaf yesterday and another loaf today. I used the bread machine to make the dough. I then kneaded again, shaped the dough and flattened again. I covered with a wet tea towel and left to rise for 30 minutes. Then cooked in the oven 180c for 30 minutes. Delish :)
  2. diner524
    I followed the directions as written, except I added one cup of all purpose flour and then the 2 3/4 cup bread flour. I had fresh chives that I had grown to use and the cottage cheese didn't have any excess fluid, so no need to drain. I let the bread machine do most of the work, used the dough setting. I took it out and punched it down, kneaded a few times, and then shaped it and let it rise a second time. I then baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 1/2 hour. It has a great texture and the flavor of the chives makes for a savoury bread. You are right, you wouldn't even know that there is cottage cheese in the bread. Thanks for a wonderful bread recipe!!!! Made for potluck tag.
  3. bepamax
    We made it twice in a row; the first loaf was that good, and we had the rest of a pint of cottage cheese to finish. The first loaf had a few curds, just a few, suspended in the loaf. Not objectionable but not desirable, either. The second loaf was better: we emptied the cottage cheese, curds and whey, into a measuring bowl. We had to add a little yogurt to total the full cup. Then we added the warm water and whisked the mixture a bit. We don't bake in our machine. After the DOUGH cycle completes, we restart the machine just while we prepare the bread pan. Then we roll the loaf into the pan and proof. We like the trick of proofing in the oven with a pan of boiling water alongside. You don't even have to cover the dough. We don't understand the <blah> reviews. Brand of flour? This ranks as one of our favorites.
  4. SaffronMeSilly
    This one just didn't work for me, like other posters, mine turned out VERY dense, I tried it any way, and the flavor wasn't even that good. I'm sure this recipe could be tweaked to make it come out better, but as is it just didn't work.
  5. twissis
    I had quite an adventure w/your recipe & feel you should rename it *Miracle Bread* as my outcome was so delicious despite my faulted prep. Armed w/my new ABM, only a little bread-making experience (so far) & not having used the *Sweet Bread* cycle B4 ~ I loaded the container w/all ingredients (except chives) & turned it on. It seemed ok & I saw the dry ingredients were not moving, but I walked confidently away. Then the beeping started! The dry ingredients still had not moved & I turned if off. Then it hit me! I used a long-handled spoon to root around among the ingredients & found the kneading paddle had not been attached! I emptied the container contents till I could get to it, cleaned it + the center area & reloaded the ABM. The ingredients were very dry by then, so I added 3 tsp water, turned it on again & it resumed its mission. I never got to add the chives as there was 1 knead & rise b4 baking started. Was my ABM confused or is that SOP w/a sweet bread cycle? This bread is TDF (even w/o chives I will definitely use next time), has a perfect texture & the cottage cheese is invisible to the eyes & palate, altho I am convinced it is resp for its rich texture & flavor. Thx for sharing this great recipe w/us. *Edited to Add* Does this review remind you of your Recipe #169787? :-)


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