Coconut Shrimp Summer Rolls

READY IN: 50mins




  • To Make Dipping Sauce:
  • In a bowl, combine apricot jelly, crushed pineapple, apple cider vinegar and red pepper flakes.
  • To Make Coleslaw:
  • In a food processor, add water, olive oil, scallions, cilantro, garlic, salt and lime juice. Pulse until combined.
  • Then add sour cream and pulse again.
  • In a bowl, add chopped green and purple cabbage.
  • Drizzle olive oil mixture over the cabbage and mix well.
  • To Make Coconut Shrimp:
  • In a bowl, whisk beer, egg, milk, flour, baking powder, and salt.
  • Dip peeled, headless shrimp in the batter.
  • Then coat with coconut flakes.
  • Fry the breaded shrimp in hot oil until the coconut flakes are golden bown.
  • Place shrimp on a drying rack over a sheet tray to allow the excess oil to drip off. Let cool.
  • Assembling the Roll:
  • On a sheet of moistened rice paper, place a scoop of coleslaw in the middle, edge of the paper (think of it as about 1/3 in from the edge). Then roll and fold until the top of the coleslaw is covered by the rice paper.
  • After the shrimp cools down and excess oil drips off onto the rack, place two shrimp on the roll and continue to wrap until the shrimp is sealed well.
  • Slice in half and serve with the dipping sauce.