Clothes-pin cookies.(Lady-locks.)

"My fam. love these, I make them every holiday in the winter."
photo by 098arn photo by 098arn
photo by 098arn
Ready In:
1hr 12mins
36 cookies




  • Make FILLING 1st, put in fridge till cookies are baked.
  • FILLING: Cook on low til thickened, milk, flour.
  • Cool in fridge.
  • Beat tog marg and crisco.
  • Beat well.
  • Add vanilla, and sugar.
  • Beat well.
  • Add the cooled flour mixture& beat, beat beat!
  • DOUGH: Measure flour, add a pinch salt.
  • Cut in 1 pound marg or butter (as for pie crust).
  • Blend in sour ceam (I used plain no-fat yogurt).
  • Refrigerate overnite or at least 6 hours.
  • Cut dough into 4 pieces.
  • Roll out thin, 1 piece at a time (keep rest in fridge til ready to roll).
  • Cut rolled piece into 1"x 4" long pieces.
  • Wrap loosely around pins, (see NOTE) making sure dough overlaps somewhat, so as to not have"holes" or"gaps".
  • Bake 350 about 12-15 minutes or till very lite golden color.
  • When cool use pastry bag to fill;NOTE: Some stores sel the box of metal-"pins" to use.
  • I have 1 box but it's not enough, so, I use clothes pins also.

Questions & Replies

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  1. kellylynn213
    My filling didn’t fluff … what am I doing wrong?


  1. Do not K.
    This recipe is outstanding. I wanted to make these for my son's wedding. Coming from the city of Pittsburgh, a cookie table at a wedding is an established tradition. I never made these before. I tried 2 different recipes and this was definitely the winner. The dough was so easy to roll out. I rolled them quite thin and made them into bite size pieces. This recipe yielded a lot! I found my clothes pins at a craft store and used Reynolds non-stick foil to cover them. The lady locks slipped off so easily. The icing was perfect, delicate and not-too-sweet. The only thing I would add note is to mix a small amount of milk into the flour to make it smooth before you add the rest of the milk. It definitely prevents lumps from forming in the filling. Perhaps I piped a lot of filling into the ladylocks but I ran short. Next time I will make additional filling. All in all, they were heavenly!
  2. 098arn
    A very delicate dough. Marble rolling surface makes it easier to roll & cut the dough. Extra flour on your surface doesn't make the dough tough. Overnight refrigeration of the dough is a must. They are light, flaky & wonderful. The filling is just sweet enough, it's worth the extra time to make & far superior to the marshmallow fillings. I've used foil covered clothes pins before , too much hassle! Do yourself a favor, order yourself a box of cookie forms (shown in picture) (I ordered mine from " ". ). The cookie slides off easily without struggling or crumbling.
    • Review photo by 098arn
  3. mrr80917
    My Mom used to make these every year at Christmas. They are sooooo very good. I am so glad you posted this! Now I have the recipe to carry on tradition!


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