Citrus-Cured Salmon

Recipe by French Terrine
READY IN: 30mins




  • Wash and blot dry the salmon fillet, removing pin bones. Fillets can have skin either on or off, as the skin can be removed later.
  • Because lots of fluid will be drawn off the fish while curing, using a deep platter or baking dish (large enough to accommodate the salmon fillet) is essential. Line the platter/baking dish horizontally and vertically with two pieces of plastic wrap, long enough for wrapping the salmon and overlapping the edges.
  • Thoroughly combine citrus zests with salt and sugar.
  • Place salmon skin side down atop the plastic wrap in the serving platter.
  • Thoroughly massage the citrus/salt/sugar cure into fleshy side of fish.
  • Bringing sides of plastic up, tightly seal the salmon in the plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2--3 days. (Usually two days is enough) Due to the large amount of fluid drawn out of the fish, it will become very firm. Some recipes advise weighting it down, but I have not done so.
  • Once removed from the plastic wrap, thoroughly rinse cure from salmon and using a sharp knife, remove the skin.
  • Wrap in plastic film again and place in freezer for 12 hours.
  • Remove from freezer, unwrap from plastic film and slice thinly by holding a sharp knife almost parallel to counter, slicing on the diagonal of the fillet, almost shaving.
  • Enjoy in your favorite recipe using lox-style salmon. Toss with pasta in a cream sauce, top a pizza crust and add goat cheese, dill, and scallion. Serve in hearty scooped out cucumber cups with cream cream cheese and dill. Or just enjoy plain with brown bread, butter or mayo, slivered red onion, sliced tomato, and capers.