21 Best Recipes for Salmon Patties

Whether you prefer your salmon patties crisped to a golden-brown perfection or served alongside a creamy sauce, we have the perfect salmon patty recipe waiting for you!

So Easy Salmon Patties

"Absolutely delicious and so easy - I used crushed Ritz crackers instead of bread crumbs. Yummy!"


Quick and Easy Salmon Patties

"Great recipe! I can imagine with your dad's homecanned salmon these must be a notch better for sure. We loved this and it is so easy to prepare!"

-Mrs. Hughes

Salmon Patties With Seasoned Mayo

"These were just incredible! I have lots of family salmon fish cake and patty recipes but these were great mainly due to the mix of ingredients. We both loved the melange of flavors which gave the patties a piquant taste and lovely texture. But, the star of this recipe is most definitely the wasabi mayonnaise, which was just divine!"

-French Tart

Asian Salmon Cakes

"These salmon cakes were moist and packed with flavor. This recipe is being saved as one of my favorites and I will breaking these out at every party we have, as I know my guests will rave."


Crispy Salmon Cakes With Lemon- Caper Mayonnaise

"This recipe caught my attention mostly due to the lemon caper mayo and that was a great call! The sauce was wicked good."


Oatmeal Salmon Patties

"This is now the only salmon pattie recipe I use. I like the fact that its pretty basic and adapts well to whatever veggies I have in the fridge. Definitely feels healthier than eating a regular tuna pattie!"


Slammin' Salmon Crunchy Cakes With Gayla Sauce

"Spicy, yummy, crunchy and delicious! Love the deep flavors that run all through this easy recipe and it uses ingredients found in my pantry just about any day! Perfect for those crazy busy days - definitely better and just as fast as takeout."

-Mama's Kitchen Hope

Wasabi Salmon Cakes

"These were very different than other salmon cakes that I have tried and I absolutely love the twist of the wasabi and soy in them! Yum."


Salmon Burgers With Dill Mayo

"The dill mayo is the key here for this sandwich. I absolutely loved the flavors."


Salmon Potato Patties

"These are nice and light and creamy and the taste is wonderful. I baked them at 400 for about 20 mins. It's a keeper."

-Andrea in NH

Healthy Salmon Cakes/Patties

"These are great. I also make them into wraps using romaine lettuce, slices of red onion, and savory Greek yogurt. Mmmm good!"


Salmon Cakes With Lemon Aioli

"If you are serving these as a brunch to guests, then serve the salmon cakes on a platter lined with mixed greens and drizzled with the aioli on top or on the side, or just serve them on a plate...which ever way you choose to serve them they are delicious!


Fresh Salmon Cakes

"Delicious! Loved the simplicity of ingredients and use of fresh salmon instead of canned. Topped it with Hollandaise sauce for nice Saturday breakfast."


Low Carb Salmon Patties

"Absolutely gorgeous looking and tasting. This beautiful brown crunch on the outside from frying them. And the rich salmon flavor with that pop of fresh lemon and some onion and garlic. Just delicious."

-Kathleen B

Southern Fried Salmon Patties

"I added Old Bay Seasoning inside the mixture, as well as outside the patties. It gave it a great flavor punch and a nice slightly blackened vibe. Great recipe!"

-Mark P

Salmon Patties with Creamed Peas

"Made this tonight and wow - was it good! The creamed pea sauce was an excellent topping. I remember my mom making creamed peas years ago when I was a kid and this really took me back. Can't wait to have leftovers tomorrow."


Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon Patties

"The sauce is so good on these patties! I halved the recipe using a 7 1/2 oz. can of salmon. Thanks for a great recipe!"


Salmon Cakes With Creamy Sauce

"Oh so yummy! Very light and delicate. I loved the color of the veggies and herbs and the sauce was fantastic."


20 Minute-Salmon Patties

"My grandma always made delicious salmon patties for my sister and I when we stayed the weekend with her and this took me right back. Browned them in a little butter since it makes a nice crisp crust and ate with some mustard just like when granny made them!"


Easy Salmon Cakes

"This was my first time ever making any sort of seafood cakes, and these were very easy to make and turned out great! I will make these again. Awesome recipe!"

-Judy from Hawaii

Gluten Free Salmon Patties

"I came across this as I was looking for an easy recipe (gluten free) with potato chips. I made it tonight and they are great! They came out moist inside and slightly crispy outside. I'll be making these often. I might try using BBQ or another flavor chip next time."