Brilliant Chocolate Gravy

"My kids love this stuff for a breakfast treat. My husband thinks it's better as a dessert, after his eggs and bacon, LOL. This recipe is posted for Newspapergal. I found it in an old church cookbook, the original recipe provided by a dear friend of my aunt's. This is to be served over hot, buttered biscuits-an extra yummy treat for the kids, little and big ones alike!"
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Ready In:




  • Combine the sugar, cocoa, flour, and salt.
  • Add in just enough of the milk to make the mixture a smooth paste.
  • Gradually add the rest of the milk, stirring well.
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the consistency of pudding.
  • Remove from heat and add vanilla.
  • Serve over hot, buttered biscuits.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Dana M.
    Can I substitute water for milk


  1. tmercks
    My mom used to make something like this when we ran out of maple pancake syrup. Buttering up a couple of warm pancakes and pouring a chocolate gravy or syrup over them has always been one of my all-time breakfast treats. I have to admit, I will cheat sometimes and use both chocolate and maple over pancakes. Your kids will love it - but make sure they will be running off the sugar high outdoors or at a neighbor's house! Lol!
  2. helenagram
    We grew up eating chocolate gravy for breakfast occasionally. I still make it for my family, on special occasions. Although I use less flour and sugar and add butter after it has thickened. We also break our buscuits up into a bowl and generously pour the gravy over the buscuits. YUM! It certainly would get us youngsters outta bed , did my children as well. Nice to see others enjoy chocolate gravy since we were the only family I knew who made it. It has become a passed down tradition in our family.
  3. Chio182
    Very tasty, although next time I'll add more chocolate powder; also added butter with the vanilla.
  4. ElaineAnn
    I made half the recipe, and it was delicious on the hot biscuits. I had some leftover so later I spooned it on a slice of pound cake after dinner. Both were a real treat. Thanks Lori! Made and enjoyed for PAC Spring '09.
  5. LisaGoesShopping
    Excellent...just like eating warm chocolate pie!


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