Chocolate Gravy

"A real treat straight from the South for chocolate lovers."
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photo by Tinkerbell
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  • Mix dry ingredients.
  • Add can of evaporated milk.
  • Cook until thick like gravy.
  • Add butter and vanilla.
  • When butter is melted and stirred in, serve over biscuits.

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  1. Ivan Wine
    I have to say I was pleasently suprised to find this recipe. Chocolate Gravy is one of those foods that isn't that well known these days, even in the south. (at least as far as younger folks go) I remember my mother fixing this when I was growing up, and telling me stories about her mother fixing it for her. Try this recipe. It may sound a bit odd, but it is a unique experience that you will enjoy.
  2. Stoblogger
    Hi Nancy, this stuff is awesome! This was one of the few treats we had growing up. I started to post a chocolate gravy recipe given to me by my mother before she passed away. Your recipe is so close to hers, and the fact that you use evaporated milk, gives me reason to instead add your version to my cookbook. You use a little more butter than mom did, but that's really the only difference. Thanks for posting.
  3. Tinkerbell
    This was awesome! Sounded weird to my family but they'll give anything a try once. I have extra sauce leftover & can't wait to make more biscuits. We had this for Saturday morning breakfast instead of pancakes & I served it alongside a ham & cheese omelet. Thanks for a really fun recipe, Nancy!
  4. daxmanphx
    I really enjoyed this recipe. My Grandma, a staunch Southern cook, used to make this for me when I was a boy in the fifties. It just needs hot buttermilk biscuits with plenty of Cousin Mae's home-churned butter on them. The hot chocolate gravy melts the butter.
  5. Orleanz
    I didn't even have to try this recipe I grew up with it as a kid. I've ask everyone other than my family if they ever tried it. They never even heard of it. They have no idea what they are missing. This recipe has been in our family for generations. My 13 year old daughter already has it down!!


Hi, I live in the Ozark mountains in north central Arkansas. I'm married to Jerry for 27 years now and he had our two kids when we married. I didn't have any so he gave me his and I was happy to get them!8-) We have two other boys, JJ and Andy who are a daschund and a maltese respectively. JJ left us to go to doggy heaven in 2004. Now we have another Maltese and her name is Keisha. I usually call her "Keter-bug". I worked with developmentally delayed individuals in a state Human Development Center for 12 years and wouldn't change it for anything else. My favorite cookbook would have to be Joy of Cooking because it's like a Cook's Bible...if you can't find something anywhere else you will find it in there. I don't use it all the time but if I have a question it's the first place I turn. The one I use the most is a Louisiana Junior League cookbook called "Cotton Country Cooking". It has everyday food in it that is what we like to eat the most. I've cooked just about anything I can think of from lobster to raccoon. We even cooked turtle. The thing that I really get peeved about is when people try to be someone they aren't. If you are just yourself you'll come a lot nearer to being who you want to be which is probably accepted and liked by all. I'd like to go to Europe if I had a month off. I've always wanted to go to France because that's where one side of my ancestors are from, England and Wales since that is where the other side originates and then Scotland where even others are from. I think everyone should know their heritage.
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