Fudgy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

photo by Roxanne J.R. photo by Roxanne J.R.
photo by Roxanne J.R.
photo by Breezytoo photo by Breezytoo
Ready In:
48 cookies




  • Mix oil, chocolate, sugar; blend in eggs.
  • Add vanilla, salt, baking powder and flour.
  • Cover and chill several hours or overnight.
  • Preheat oven to 350F and grease your cookie sheets.
  • Roll 1 tbsp dough into a ball and roll around in powdered sugar to coat.
  • Place on greased cookie sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Remove from baking sheet and cool.

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  1. I wanted a chocolate cookie to top with ice cream and always had this recipe sitting in my recipe box. I have to say, this is like a brownie in cookie form and it is so good with a small scoop of ice cream on top of it! I had one by itself and it was so fudgy and delicious! I melted the chocolate on defrost mode in the microwave (keep an eye on it!) and whisked it smooth and immediately started to make the recipe. I stuck the batter in the freezer for about an hour and made them into small balls. I did not flatten them, they flattened out themselves while baking forming these beautiful crackles all over the cookie from the powdered sugar. They smelt so good when they came out the oven and tasted even better! Thank for posting.
  2. Although these were nice & fudgy, the cookies flattened out so much that they looked like ice burgs on my cookies instead of a cracked ice effect if that makes any sense. The taste is great! Just wish they didn't spread so much....I used 2 different pans (teflon & baking stone) to see if that would help, but to no avail. I also read the reviews and made sure that the cookies were covered in icing sugar & the dough was kept in the fridge overnight for about 22 hours. I think I did everything right! Guess they are iceburg cookies this year! :)
  3. We all LOVE these cookies. Used my cookie scoop, put in bag of powdered sugar to coat, baked at 350 for 10. Like a little brownie cookie. Soft, chocolaty and just sweet enough.They came out perfect. Didn't have unsweetened so I subtituted bittersweet, with sm. amount of cocoa powder and oil, and a tad less sugar. I'm keeping this recipe!!! Thank you, Carole Rue. I've made these before but couldn't find the recipe I used. We thought better than the cake box version.
  4. These cookies are so good and would be great for the holiday gift trays. I plan to make them again during the holidays!
  5. This has been my crinkle recipe for the past several years. These are tasty as can be, and very pretty! One thing to remember is to generously coat the dough ball in powdered sugar. Cover it well enough that you can't see any dough through it. Pack it on. Then when you put in on the sheet, flatten slightly with the palm of your hand. This makes for prettier cookies. I've never greased the sheets, since they are so covered in powdered sugar. My preference is a soft cookie, so bake 8-10 minutes only.



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