Chocolate Biscuit Balls

"This is soooo easy even a kid could do it.It's fat free and the sweetness can be adjusted for your taste.My aunt used to make them so I have the recipe from her.It is very tasty and these balls can be preserved for many days:D if you uselike 400g biscuits u will have lots of balls"
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Ready In:
20-30 balls




  • Ok now first you have to toss all those biscuits until small pieces and some even powder.
  • make a syrup from water+cocoa powder+sugar.For those who want some fat, they can add butter and some chocolate.
  • Pour the warm syrup in small amounts on the biscuits and mix with your own hand.Its got to come like a plasteline paste.So if you are not sure how much syrup to put, just add a little and figure out the consistency.You should be able to modelate it easily in your hands.
  • Cool it in the fridge for 10 minute.
  • Take small amounts of the paste and tossit on your palm.In the center, put 1 almond, or dried fruit or sultana or whole cherry from the jam or whatever nut or small piece of conserved fruit you like.
  • Now cover the fruit so it will be in the center and make a ball from it, rotating it between your palms.The ball should be the size of a soda bottle cap.
  • On a plate, put your coconut flakes or chopped nuts and roll your ball in it!
  • Enjoy!
  • *Tip:wet your hands from time to time a bit so the balls would come up beautifully and wont stick to your fingers and palms.

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