Chiffon Icing for Birthday Cake Carrie Sheridan

"this is so unusual, i've only found it once at a caterer's bakery - the texture is silky and smooth and tastes only slightly chocolate-y... as kids, we used to make a batch to just eat right out of the mixing bowl!"
photo by Cabin Cat photo by Cabin Cat
photo by Cabin Cat
photo by Cabin Cat photo by Cabin Cat
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  • Mix together milk and flour in a small saucepan.
  • Cook until thick, stirring constantly.
  • Set aside to cool, covering the top with saran wrap.
  • Beat together the crisco, butter, sugar and vanilla.
  • Beat the first ingredients into the second until it is very light and fluffy - about 10 minutes!
  • Add Hershey's cocoa, one tablespoon at a time, to taste [not more than 1/4 cup].
  • Add more sugar, if desired.
  • Frost birthday cake with this and refrigerate for several hours to chill thoroughly.
  • Note: this frosting is best straight out of the refrigerator -- it does melt in warm weather -- but it's good No Matter WHAT!

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  1. Cabin Cat
    Frosting is made. Turned out very fluffy. This is a great taste for those who do not like the sugary sweet frostings. I think the color was a bit pale for chocolate and the chocolate flavor a bit weak. The recipe however, said not to add too much chocolate. I threw handfuls of chocolate jimmies on to fool the brain about the chocolate. We'll find out tonight if the chiffon cake undereath measures up to its frosting.
    • Review photo by Cabin Cat
  2. waynejohn1234
    Glad to see this recipe in print. I will not tell you how long I have had this recipe (originally minus the cocoa) but then it was referred to as "funeral frosting". Yes it is wonderful, light, creamy, oh I could go on and on. Highly recommend.
  3. kalamitykris
    I made this icing for a chocolate chiffon cake, I used kalhua in place of the vanilla as I did in the cake (also on recipezaar # 26178). I doubled it, filled a three layer cake and frosted the outside too. It was light, fluffy, not overpowering, and since I come from a long line of chocoholics I of course topped it with a chocolate ganache. It was beautful, elegant, and delicious. this will be my new go to filling recipe for my tortes as it is so light and versatile. Thank you for posting, wish I had a pic of the cake but it was gone before the ganache even set!!!
  4. Georgiapea
    Well, what a bummer. I saw 'sugar' and thought, "ok, icing ... icing sugar = confectioner's sugar, but it just says sugar". So, I'm a moron and used regular white sugar and it didn't work out =(
  5. Yellow Lab Lover
    This is exactly what i have been looking for for a very long time. it was easy and sinnfully delicoius. I omitted the cocoa as i was icing a chocolate cake and i thought vanilla would work better. i haven't iced the cake yet, but i have been eating it directly from the bowl. i hope there will be enough left for my hubby's birthday cake. Thank you



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