Betty Crocker How to Cook Beets

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a good place to start

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  • [If you can, buy beets with the stems and greens still attached, as they come out of the ground.
  • Ask the produce manager at your grocery or health food store to buy organic beets with the nourishing leaves attached!]].
  • Cut off all but 2 inches of the green stems.
  • Save the leaves because they are very nutritious and can be steamed, sauteed or shredded in salads!
  • Leave the beets whole with 2 inches of stems at the top and root ends at the bottom. This prevents the red color from seeping out into the water [and all over the place too!].
  • Place in a saucepan covered with salted water to taste (with at least 1 tsp of vinegar).
  • Boil until tender [usually, 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the beets]. Boiling can take up to 60 minutes for larger beets.
  • Drain and run cold water over beets. The skins will slip right off with the root ends, but make sure you wear kitchen gloves so your hands don't turn red.
  • To serve, you can add melted butter, salt and pepper, basil, savory, caraway seeds or sprinkle with minced chives or parsley.
  • NOTE: i prefer to steam my vegetables in an OSTER mechanical food steamer available cheap with free shipping from - so i peel and slice mine for faster cooking as i do for all potatoes.
  • But you can steam this in a covered pot with a steamer insert also - just make sure the water doesn't evaporate: bring the salted water with more vinegar added to a boil and add the steamer insert and beets. Cover and steam on medium or medium low heat until they are your desired tenderness.
  • One thing is for sure - never peel or cut the stems or roots if steaming or boiling whole - it's SO much easier not to have red dye and red water dripping everywhere - and the skins come right off easily once cooked. Peeling is a waste of time and makes a mess!
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@carrie sheridan
@carrie sheridan
"a good place to start"

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  1. jmcclure57
    Is there a way to boil beets to get skins off? Then steam them?
  2. Lavender Lynn
    This is a great recipe. I was making Swedish Pickled Beets and it stated to start with cooked, sliced beets. This really helped me. I had never made homemade beets before.
  3. meggs72
    So delicious - Although I do still love the simple method of dressing beets with butter and S & P, I wanted to share another really tasty way to dress them! I experimented once & have loved it ever since. After slicing into wedges, I add some olive oil, S & P AND a dash of any favorite Blue Cheese/Gorgonzola! So yummy, a little balsamic vinegar can be added too if desired. (If it sounds good, try it on fresh steamed green beans too!:)
  4. joobles
    listn dawg im e40 cuzin mang and this is BOMB dawg love it :)
  5. Patricia L.
    They came out beautiful! I didn't use vinegar cause I was out or gloves and my hands aren't stained. I can't believe I've never cooked beets before, waiting for cooling to add to salad. After being cooling they're tender and delicious.
    • Review photo by Patricia L.

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