Chicken Caesar Sandwiches for Slow Cooker

Recipe by opstuppy
READY IN: 6hrs 5mins




  • Place chicken in 3-4 quart slow cooker with 1-2 cups water (more for longer cooking times). Cover and cook on low 4-6 hours (I have done 2 cups water with an 8 hr on low with auto-change to warm setting for total 12 hrs before eating.).
  • Remove chicken and drain water from the crock pot. Place chicken on cutting board and pull into shreds. Remove any fat.
  • Place chicken back in slow cooker and mix in dressing, Parmesan cheese, chopped or dried parsley, and pepper. (I used less than 1/2 cup dressing, figuring the kids wouldn't like it and we could always add to our sandwiches if needed. We all thought the flavor was perfect with less dressing!).
  • The original recipe recommended to cook another 30 min on high. We skipped this step because we're all hungry when we get home late!
  • Spoon onto buns. (We use slider buns for "fun factor" but those are not stored in the ingredient list here.) Top with extra Parmesan cheese and shredded lettuce as desired.