Charlotte Russe

"I found it in a book by Jyoti nikunj parekh....its a pudding with an outer biscuit layer with soft cream inside and decorative jelly. cooking time is the refrigeration time"
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Ready In:
10hrs 10mins




  • prepare jelly by dissolving it in water.
  • cool.
  • pour jelly in a 6 inchs round deep tin forming a 1/2 inch layer, put in refrigartor to set.
  • arrange patterns of cherries on this jelly and set carefully, cover with a little more jelly.
  • set remaining jelly seperatly and use for decoration.
  • trim the biscuits and fit closely round the side of the tin.
  • dissolve gelatine in warm water and melt on low heat.
  • prepare the custard-- with custard powder, milk and sugar.
  • cool.
  • add gelatin, vanilla essence and chopped walnuts.
  • whip cream with four tablespoons of powdered sugar.
  • mix this with cool custard and the gelatin.
  • pour at once to the prepared charlotte tin, refrigerate to set.
  • dip the bottom of the tin in warm water and then invert on a serving plate.
  • jelly and the pattern of the cherries will be seen on the top.
  • sponge fingers will be all around enclosing soft pudding inside.
  • chop remaining set jelly into small pieces and spoon around the pudding, and serve with your biggest smile!

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I am a keralite married into a gujarati the food is surely a main thing in my life...I LOVE to cook...its almost like an addiction with me, when i think of some recipe i simply MUST cook it...which is seldom possible...anyways...i have a crocodile for a hubby...always cranky...the only thing he like which i make are the idlis and the gulab jamuns...he couldnt find any faults with them till now...touchwood! this is me..."newly wed" in the kitchen at my in laws place...those happy days!(sigh)if i had a month off...i'd call up my best feinds over and cook for them...
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