Caramel Syrup

"For Creme Caramel or Creme Brulee For Creme Caramel: Pour the syrup (carefully! Its HOT!) into individual custard cups and swirl the cups around to line with the syrup, which will immediately harden. Or, line a larger baking dish. Pour the custard over and bake in the oven according to your traditional recipe. (I have cooked the custards themselves in the microwave as well without problem, but I seem to prefer the oven method.) For Creme Brulee: Pour the syrup slowly over the top of a baked custard so that it makes a thin smooth layer of hardened caramel. (This is a non-traditional way to get the "burned" sugar topping, but its a lot easier than all the other complicated ways I have tried with varied results. I love tapping the hard caramel with a spoon when I eat it. It crackles and shatters, making a wonderful contrast with the rich and smooth custard underneath -- my favorite dessert!) Posted to EAT-L Digest by Jo McGinnis on Feb 15, 1998"
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  • Mix sugar and water in a 2-cup Pyrex measure.
  • Boil on high in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, watching carefully at the last through the window. When the syrup reaches a dark golden color, turn off the power.

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  1. Anna #9
    Well, I had problems. I cooked it on High for the recommended time and it was still very liquid, so I kept adding an additional one minute cooking time...until I got to ten minutes total...still barely any color and very liquidy. I then looked on the back of my caramel syrup bottle for the manufacturer's recipe and it had sweetened condensed I added just a tiny bit of milk and set it for three minutes....and WOW golden color and beautiful. I then added it to a jar and it was way too hard to be syrup...I had made candy: ) So, no luck for me at all...especially after I cut my finger trying to chip off some of the candy from my Pyrex. All that said however I think this might be a property of the microwave strength. I think success with this will just depend on your individual microwave.
  2. VeeJ7001
    OH SO EASY! I love the microwave method because it takes less time and effort. I am disabled and have very limited physical resources and strenghth to rely on. This is SO workable. :D



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