Blue Cheese, Salami and Radish Sandwiches

Recipe by ellie_
READY IN: 30mins




  • Using a food processor and the thin slicing disc slice radishes and remove from work bowl.
  • Using the the food processor and the steel knife mince the parsley. Transfer to a large square of waxed paper.
  • Using the same steel knife process the cheese and green onion until smooth.
  • Spread butter evenly on top and sides of bread slices. Dip the bread sides in the parsley and then spread 2 teaspoons cheese mixture on top of each slice of bread.
  • Cut salami into 18 very thin slices and then cut each slice into quarters.
  • Place 6 salami quarters down center of each slice of bread, overlapping and alternating geometically (to make a pretty design).
  • Arrange radish slices in a rosette on top of the salami and then place parsley sprg in center.
  • May be prepared 6 hours ahead, covered and refrigerated, bringing sandwiches back to room temperature before serving.