Bim's Thai Shrimp Pizza

READY IN: 38mins
YIELD: 1 Pizza




  • First you want to prep all your veggies. You want this to be a chunky pizza so don't dice or slice too thinly and by the same token don't go overboard and cut the pieces so large they make eating a challenge. This is your pizza. Make it the way you like it!
  • While prepping your veggies, if the raw shrimp are not already peeled then peel them and squeeze the lemon juice over them and set aside in a small bowl. Use lime juice if you prefer that.
  • Next you want to have your basting sauce ready to microwave the butter in a small dish and once it is softened add the remaining ingredients for the sauce. I keep chopped garlic in the big jar at all times and so if you happened to as well then just pour ½ teaspoon of just that into the sauce. Set aside.
  • Now you need dough. If you make your own? Fine! If not then let me clue you in to a little hint. I've never lived anywhere in the U.S. where there isn't at least one pizza restaurant that won't let you buy dough from them. Call around, starting with your favorite pizza parlors and ask them. I usually buy 2 LARGE pizza balls and have never paid more than $1 for each of them. Keep the dough wrapped in plastic wrap and chilled until you're ready to use it!
  • PREHEAT OVEN to 400°F.
  • Flour your working surface and if you are using a pizza peel then scatter some corn meal onto the peel. You can roll your dough out but I find just using my hands and fingers is best. Spread it out as large as you can without it getting too thin because it will shrink back some from elasticity. Once you have your dough ready to go:.
  • Lightly rub the dough with the olive oil, keeping about a 1" border around the pizza untouched with oil.
  • Next do the same with the Sweet Chili Sauce.
  • Now the Shrimp, then Green Onions, then Artichoke Hearts, Sweet Red Peppers, Mushrooms and finishing off with scattering the Sesame Seeds.
  • Follow it all up with ample Parmesan Cheese and you're ready for the basting.
  • Use your fingers now and kind of roll up the edges of the pizza. This will keep any juices from running off the pizza and into your oven. Now take a brush with your basting sauce and dab it all around that outside border to the crust. This will add flavor and get a nice buttery- brown crust. Just before putting it in the oven I dusted with Paprika.
  • Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. All ovens vary so please CHECK EARLY! I'd start at 8 minutes. When it is done to your satisfaction, let sit a few minutes, garnish with fresh Cilantro, slice, serve and enjoy!