The Queen of Pizzas (Gourmet Shrimp Pizza)

"Creating a pizza for the Quisine Queens (Zaar World Tour #2) was not as tough a challenge as some might expect. Diverse interests and backgrounds reulted in a tasty pizza! Chef Kate - spring onions, Susie D - shrimp, Lauralie41 - prepared crust and sauce katia - kalamata olives, evelyn/athens - feta, twissis - mushrooms, tigerduck - arugula and chili oil, stormylee - mozzarella, chefwally - red pepper flakes and fresh basil"
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photo by Luvs 2 Cook
photo by Luvs 2 Cook photo by Luvs 2 Cook
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  • Preheat pizza stone in oven at 450°F Brush olive oil over crust and spread with prepared pizza sauce. Sprinkle on basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, pepper and garlic.
  • Distribute shrimp, mushrooms, olives and onions over pizza.
  • Combine 3 cheeses and sprinkle evenly over pizza.
  • Bake for 10 minutes.
  • Add toppings of your choice at table (do try to have some arugula and chili oil to drizzle over) and enjoy!
  • With much love from the Quisine Queens.

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  1. Good. It was like having a Mediterranean dish. A little spicy. I added tomatoes just under the cheese and it was a nice addition (it just looked too pretty in the picture not to add). All the flavors blended really well together.
  2. i had made this once before but it was rather too heavy on the cheese for our liking so i amended it with spectacular results! I increased the amount of sauce by double, i cooked the shrimp in chilli oil, and halved the amount of mozzarella and quartered the amount of feta leaving the parmesan at recipe quantity. when it had cooked i covered it with chopped fresh coriander and drizzled it with chilli oil. a pizza to die for - this was my dear husbands comment!
  3. This is amazing! My Mother-in-Law has traveled quite a bit and has had many wonderful meals both here and abroad. When I made this for dinner for her birthday, she said it was the best pizza she'd ever had! I love Evelyn/Athens and thanks to all the wonderful cooks who contributed to this recipe...truly the best!!!!
  4. This was simply DEEEEEE-LISH, evelyn! What a great pizza. I had some spaghetti sauce in the freezer I pulled out and used. I bought cooked shrimp from the fish store and heated them in chili oil with garlic, onions, and mushrooms. I put everything on a thin crust pizza crust and put on my stone on the grill. All DH and DS could say was MMM-MM GOOD!
  5. This is an an excellent gourmet pizza. The flavors are incredible! I used extra shrimp & mushrooms, yum!!! I didn't have the argula, but loved the addition of fresh basil and chili oil. Ev, you did our team proud!! Thank you for your work and a wonderful pizza experience.


<style>body { background: url(""); background-repeat: repeat-y; }</style> OK, here goes. I live in Athens, Greece. I moved out here many, many years ago from Ottawa, Canada - so I am blessed in having two wonderful heritages! I suffer from compulsive obsessive behaviour with regard to food and my psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea to find a 'society' where many have the same problem and try to find a cure. So far, I've copied a couple of thousand recipes from this site and my psychiatrist has thrown the towel in and refuses to answer the phone when I call. What did I do wrong? Got 3 kids that keep me on the go - 10 and under at this point (2008) - I may not get round to updating this for a few years, so you'll have to do your own maths. I teach English full-time and Greek Cookery part-time. I would like to make the cooking part of it full-time and the English Grammar part of it part-time. That's all for now.
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