BBQ Ribs Dry Rub

"This is a dry rub I've experimented with for a while. I put this on a couple racks of Pork ribs, marinaded overnight then cooked slow in my smoker. Wow did they turn out great! Wife and kids loved them. I put a homemade BBQ sauce on one rack and none on the other. Both were great but I think the one without sauce was better. Though this was cooked in a smoker, it could also be done in the oven or BBQ."
photo by baumer64 photo by baumer64
photo by baumer64
Ready In:
4hrs 15mins




  • Mix together dry ingredients.
  • Rub liberally all over the ribs on both sides. (For more flavor penetration, pull off membrane from the bone side of ribs).
  • Cover with plastic wrap or vacuum seal bag and place in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Heat smoker/cooker to at least 250°F and keep between 250-300°F.
  • Pour 2 cups of the apple juice in water pan to steam the ribs with.
  • Add soaked hardwood chips or smoking wood of your choice to the smoker.
  • Amount of smoke is up to you.
  • After about 3 hours, internal temperature of the meat should be around 170°F In order to make the meat a bit more tender, wrap the ribs in foil and spray or drizzle some remaining apple juice on the ribs, closing the foil around them until desired tenderness is achieved. Don't drown the ribs in juice but moisten them, about another hour or so.
  • If sauce is desired, mop it on the ribs the last 30 minutes or so of cooking.

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  1. We just got a smoker for Father's day and we tried this recipe since it seemed simple for a newbie. It was outstanding! Easy to make once we understood how to work the smoker. It did have a little kick to it but I thought it was just right. No extra barbeque sauce was needed, even though it was on the table. Two half slab baby backs were done in about 3 hours. I think this is our new hobby!
  2. I have been using this recipe for about a year with baby back ribs in my electric smoker and and give it top marks. It is really fall off the bone ribs. Outstanding.
  3. Used this rub on pork back ribs and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Since I didn't have garlic powder, Season-all salt or kosher salt (used sea salt for the salt), I want to try this rub again, but still have to say it was quite tasty even without these ingredients. I put the ribs on racks in a baking pan, filled the bottom of the pan with apple juice, covered it all tightly with foil and cooked it in the oven at 250 for 3 hours. Then I removed the foil, brushed on store-bought bbq sauce and turned the oven up to 350. At this time, I put the rubbed chicken breasts in a baking dish without apple juice, brushed them with bbq sauce and put them in the oven, too. I cooked all for an hour, basting with bbq sauce every 15 minutes. The results were delicious! Thanks, baumer64.
  4. Did this in the oven at 260. They were done in a little over 3 hours. We also omitted the sugar and the apple juice. Good rub flavor that didn't overwhelm the rib flavor. Will definitely make this again!


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