Basil and Olive Oil Focaccia

"Lovely bread"
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Ready In:
2 large bread




  • Dissolve the yeast and sugar in half of the water.
  • On a large surface or large bowl, make a pile of the flours and salt with leave a well in the centre.
  • Pour all the dissolved yeast mixture into the well and mix together the flour and water with a fork or fingers. Work from the centre and outward. Add the other half of the water when all the mixture gas soaked up. (more or less water could be used).
  • Dust your hands and the surface with some flour. Kneading, rolling, pushing and folding for about 5mins.
  • Push the dough into a round shape and dust it over with some extra flour. Put it in a large bowl and score the dough top with a knife.
  • Cover with clingfirm, leave it to prove for about 40mins to one and a half hour. (Now it is very important to leave the dough in a warm area, I normally leave it under the sun light or I will bring it into the shower with me -- wherever is warm and moist.) When you see the dough has double its size then it is done.
  • Now make the topping with a glove of garlic and a handful of basil ( I used tried Basil). Add together with about 3 tbsp or more of Olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and bit of lemon juice.
  • After the dough has double its size then start kneading and punching for a min -- (just think of whoever you hate at that time).
  • Split the dough in half, roll each dough to an oval shape about 1/2" thick. Place it on a flour dusted baking tray and smear the basil topping on both tops. Push fingers deeply into doughs to make holes, allowing the flavor to penetrate.
  • Leave it to prove the second time for about 45mins or when it become around 3cm high.
  • Gently place the baking tray in the middle of the oven ( I baked them one by one, or bake them all together if one single baking tray is big enough) I bake them for about 10mins with 240°C You will know when they turn golden brown.
  • Give the bread a good drizzle of some E.V. Olive Oil right after they are out of the oven. Let it cool and enjoy.

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