Basic Slow Simmered Salsa

"Most people think you make a salsa by throwing tomatoes, peppers, and onions in a blender. Give that a try and tell me how it tastes... You need to add some heat to make the flavors come alive. I developed this recipe over time as I tried and tried to make the perfect salsa, I have not arrived there yet, but I believe my recipe far exceeds any other salsa recipe I have ever seen online, and I never looked at a salsa recipe until after I created this one."
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins
1 Salsa




  • Choose your ingredients carefully, you can make all kinds of different creations just by switching up the kinds of tomatoes, onions, and peppers you use. Yellow tomatoes make a terrible salsa because they don't have the same level of moisture as most types of red tomatoes. I know some people that swear by boiler onions for salsa, they are small, but powerful onions. I recommend Roma tomatoes and a nice big Spanish Yellow onion for your first salsa.
  • Begin by dicing the tomatoes. If you don't feel like it (lets face it, that's a lot of tomatoes to dice), then you can throw them in a food processor for a few seconds (be careful not to liquefy them, that will not make an appetizing salsa).
  • Throw about 85% of the tomatoes into a saucepan with your corn oil. Turn the heat up to simmer (very low). Remember to stir this once in a while, but while you are not stirring, try to keep a lid on it.
  • Next, dice your onion and throw about 85% of that in with the tomatoes and stir. Make sure you set the last 15% of your onion and tomatoes aside for later.
  • Next, dice up your peppers and throw them all in the pan/pot. You should chop these up a bit smaller than your other ingredients. I highly recommend a food processor for this step, Chipotle peppers can be very tough.
  • Next, chop up your garlic and throw that in to the pan. Add in the remainder of your spices (Cilantro, Cumin, Salt).
  • Add the lime juice and Vinegar. Make sure your stir well after this.
  • Replace your lid and let the salsa simmer for about an hour or so, stir ever once in awhile. After about 30-45 minutes, add in your leftover onion an tomato (the 15% you set aside).
  • Once you notice the salsa beginning to lose moisture, remove it from heat. It should still be fairly watery at this point, it will set when it cools down.
  • Transfer your salsa to another container and refrigerate for a few hours. After that, its ready to be served with tortilla chips! Enjoy!

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